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By Miranda Knight

Miranda’s superpower is her ability to make complex topics easy to understand for the everyday user. She has a gift for breaking down technical jargon and explaining it in a way that anyone can understand.
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How to Create a Spotify Listening Party on Discord

Discord is a great platform to do various things that commonly can’t be done on any other platform. In situations where we can’t meet our friends such as long-distance friendships, or got trapped in a pandemic, creating a Spotify listening party on Discord will make the usage of Discord even better. So, we will not be listening to music alone, but with the people joining the party.

How to Open the Hidden Magnifying Feature on iPhone

When we use our iPhone we can zoom in and zoom out the camera before taking a picture. However, if we only use the standard default iPhone camera, the result might not be as clean as we expected. Because of that, we need to open or use the hidden magnifying feature on iPhone to make the result clearer and cleaner.

How to Use TeamViewer on Android

It is common when someone to ask his friend when he doesn’t know how to fix or set something in their device. However, there will be a problem if that person gets confused in executing the command of what his friend’s said. As the solution, both of them must use TeamViewer. So, the one helping can access the device directly from a different place.

How to Share Google Drive Files With Outside Gmail Accounts

Google Drive makes our life easier when we want to share files online between people. Commonly, the audience that needs access should give a Google email to the owner of the file. Then the owner can share the access by email. However, it doesn’t mean that the audience must have Google email. If you want to know the way in sharing Google Drive files with outside Gmail accounts, let’s read the article entirely.

How to Reply With a Video in TikTok using iPhone

When people leave a comment or post on TikTok, we commonly reply to it with a comment too. This way is a basic way to respond to a comment. There is a better way to give a response. It is by replying with a video. If you are wondering the way in replying to a comment with a video on iPhone but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. Let’s read the whole article to get it.

How to Check Available RAM Capacity in Android

It is such a privilege to have a large RAM on our Android smartphone. We will be able to install a lot of apps and run them smoothly without any problems. However, sometimes we also need to check the available RAM capacity in Android that we have too. If you want to know the way in checking it, read the entire article to get the thing.