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Helpful tips and how-to related to macOS, also covering best apps to power up your daily life.

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How to Fix Macbook Screen That Turns Black and White

Seeing our Macbook screen in a black-and-white mode without knowing the cause makes us anxious. Those who never experience it before will feel if it is annoying or uncomfortable. To turn it back to colorful, we need to fix it. Read the whole article to know the ways in fixing that.

How to Create a Spotify Listening Party on Discord

Discord is a great platform to do various things that commonly can’t be done on any other platform. In situations where we can’t meet our friends such as long-distance friendships, or got trapped in a pandemic, creating a Spotify listening party on Discord will make the usage of Discord even better. So, we will not be listening to music alone, but with the people joining the party.

How to Export Your Apple Notes as PDF Files from MacBook

In daily activities, often you see or hear something informative that you want to record its information in the form of notes. To fulfill this kind of case easily, you can reach our MacBook and go to Apple notes. Then, you can write down all things that you need to keep. Once you did, you can export it to PDF right away.