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By Miranda Knight

Miranda’s superpower is her ability to make complex topics easy to understand for the everyday user. She has a gift for breaking down technical jargon and explaining it in a way that anyone can understand.
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How to Create Rules in Gmail from iPhone

Gmail has various features that we can use to organize our emails. Originally, those features have default settings, but we can adjust the settings based on the needs that we have. If you are curious about how to do that, you are reading the right article. Let’s find out the way in creating rules in Gmail from iPhone in the next section.

How to Delete a Comment on TikTok

It is very common to leave a comment in a TikTok video that makes us feel amused. However, we often type the words wrongly, in this context is a typo. So, the meaning of the words or the readable level of the comment we post is low. Because of this reason, if we want to leave a better comment we need to delete our existing one on TikTok.