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By Miranda Knight

Miranda’s superpower is her ability to make complex topics easy to understand for the everyday user. She has a gift for breaking down technical jargon and explaining it in a way that anyone can understand.
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How to Disable Gmail’s Email Address Autofilling on Android

In order to make the auto-fill disappear, we need to disable it first. There are some reasons that cause people to decide to disable Gmail auto-filling an email address. One of those reasons is that it is too annoying when they want to fill an email field with another email. So, disabling the auto-fill will stop them from being annoyed.

How to Export Your Apple Notes as PDF Files from MacBook

In daily activities, often you see or hear something informative that you want to record its information in the form of notes. To fulfill this kind of case easily, you can reach our MacBook and go to Apple notes. Then, you can write down all things that you need to keep. Once you did, you can export it to PDF right away.