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What is Instagram Insight and How to Use the Analytics to Increase Follower and Engagement

Instagram Insights is a powerful and beneficial feature for marketers. It analyzes potential customer reactions to your posts, stories, and pages. You can use this type of analytics to help understand the behavior patterns people exhibit when they interact with your content on social media.

How to Switch Back to Personal Instagram Account from Business or Creator Account to Personal Account

Instagram has numerous useful features for those who use the platform for business. You can easily track engagement rates and other analytics, and your followers can help you by including the small business tag in their stories.

How to Enable/Disable Two-Factor Authentication on Apple ID

Your Apple ID serves as a portal to everything on your iPhone. Everything is accessible through your Apple ID, from contacts and calendars to photos and iCloud Drive. Having said that, enabling two-factor authentication on your Apple ID is a good idea. This also prevents others from accessing your Apple ID without your knowledge.