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By Andrew Parker

Andrew started writing about technology when he was in college and loved it so much that he decided to make a career out of it. After working in the corporate world for a few years, he decided to freelance full-time so that he could have more time to write about the things he loved.
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How to Find, Lock, and Erase Lost Android Phone using Browser

Losing an Android phone can be a nightmare. From representing the potential exposure of your personal and private data to the anxiety of knowing that your apps and email accounts could be accessed by someone else, it’s easy to understand why people would want to prevent this from happening. We’re here to help!

How to Change Bing Search Engine in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge offers the option to set up a different search engine as your default. Chrome users will want to make Google their default engine, while others (like DuckDuckGo and Yahoo) may prefer something else. The only requirement is that you know where to look for the options, which are buried in the settings.