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How to Turn Off Low Data Mode For Mobile Data on Your iPhone

Using mobile data on our iPhones in accessing some apps or the Internet feels similar ways using a Wi-Fi connection. However, there is a weakness in using mobile data. The connection can be low so when we download or stream a video it will take more time than usual for the video we stream is not smooth when it is playing.

How to Remove Auto-Playing Videos, Banners, & Other Distractions in Safari

Not all types of online ads appear in the right place. Some ads’ appearance are are disturbing our focus when we read something on the website we found on the internet via the Safari browser. Those ads such as auto-playing videos, and banners. In order to stop those ads from coming up again, we need to remove them.

How to Customize Built-in iPhone Weather App

Not all cities in the world have the same weather, and not all countries use the same temperature unit of measure. Because of those reasons, we need to customize the built-in weather app on our iPhone. So, it will be easy for us to know the current weather and the temperature in the cities that we are going to visit.

How to Open the Hidden Magnifying Feature on iPhone

When we use our iPhone we can zoom in and zoom out the camera before taking a picture. However, if we only use the standard default iPhone camera, the result might not be as clean as we expected. Because of that, we need to open or use the hidden magnifying feature on iPhone to make the result clearer and cleaner.

How to Reply With a Video in TikTok using iPhone

When people leave a comment or post on TikTok, we commonly reply to it with a comment too. This way is a basic way to respond to a comment. There is a better way to give a response. It is by replying with a video. If you are wondering the way in replying to a comment with a video on iPhone but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. Let’s read the whole article to get it.