Top 10 Gardening Apps for iPhone: The Best Tools for Plant Lovers

Growing plants in our room helps us reduce stress and make the room’s atmosphere seem fresh. Some plants also have the ability to make the air cleaner. Still and all, some people fail at growing and taking care of the plants since they lack solid knowledge and skill in doing that. Because of that, I recommend everybody who is going to have plants in their house to use a gardening app. You only need to install it on your iPhone and use the features of the app to help you out.

In this article, I pick 10 gardening apps to help everybody in growing and taking care of their plants. The app is also suitable for newbie. Pick one app that suit best for you based on the needs you have.

1. Planta: Plant Care, Identifier

Planta Plant Care Identifier

Make your life easier and take care of the plants that you love using Planta: Plant Care, Identifier. You will get many insights and tips for curing your plants from the app in just in a few taps.

Planta is one of the 115 best apps under Lifestyle category. It is developed by Strömming AB. To be able to use the app without any issue, iOS 14.5 or later is required to install on your iPhone. Planta has been used by more than 70.000 users and it has been rated to 4.8-star by them in the AppStore.

There are some languages that are supported by the ap. These are English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Spanish, and Swedish.

Planta is basically can be download and used for free. However, to be able to fully used certain features a subscription must be purchased. The types of subscription packages are three; monthly, 3-month, and yearly. The range of subscription price is $7.99 to $45.99.

This app allows me to be reminded to take care of my plants. Start from watering, cleaning, fertilizing, and repotting them. The first thing that I need to do is to take a picture of my plants and then Planta will identify them. As the results, I will get the rich insights of my plants. Then, if there is a problem with my plant, I can also do the same thing to get the insight of the problem and the way in curing my plant too.

2. Vera: Plant Care Made Simple

Vera Plant Care Made Simple

Vera: Plant Care Made Simple helps us manage our plants and make them thrive, including watering and fertilizing reminders.

Vera is develoed by Bloomscape. Included to Lifestyle category, the app requires iOS 12.0 or later to work properly. So, if the iOS version on your device is under iOS 12.0, please update it first. Since its availability for the first time in AppStore in October 2020, the app currently gains 4.3-star rating in the AppStore.

It is a good news for the people who doesn’t like to plan a budget for this kind of apps. The app is totally free to use. I can download and use the app for free. No features’ restriction, no active subscription required. All features can be accessed based on our needs.

The app helps me to schedule and remind me the time to water, and fertilize my plants. I can also track my plants includes the time adoption, the name of my plant, the photo, and its profile too. Learning materials are also available if I want to dig more about the plant that I have.

3. Plant Parent: Plant Care Guide

Plant Parent Plant Care Guide

Keep our plant healthy and thrive with Plant Parent: Plant Care Guide from our iPhone. No need to set reminder manually on our calendar to be reminded to take care of our plant.

Plant Parent is developed by Glority Global Group Ltd. If you decide to use the app, please check the iOS version on your iPhone first. The app will only work well on iOS 13.0 or later. If else, the app will not run smoothly. The app has been rated by almost 3.000 users and gains 4.6-star rating in the AppStore.

Some languages that are supported by the app are English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.

Plant Parent is free to download and install, but to be able to access the features without any restriction, a subscription package must be purchase first. The price is in the range of $9.99 to $29.99.

The apps allows me to get notification each time the plan needs to be watered, fertilized, propagated, repotted, and more. Light meter feature is so useful too. This feature can be used to measure whether the amount of the light is sufficient or not. Then, if I forgot the name of the plant, and its label on the pot is lost, the Plant Identifier feature will help me to find out the name of it.

4. Happy Plant – No Water Thirst

Happy Plant No Water Thirst

Happy Plant – No Water Thirst will help to remind you in watering your plants. Forgetfulness is no longer a problem. The app is simple, easy to use, and game-like way.

SemanticJungle is the developer of the Happy Plant. Even though the app was originally designed for iPad, it can be used and will run well on iPhone too, especially in device with iOS 11.0 or later. Since its initial availability in the AppStore, now the app has been rated to 4.2-star by its users.

Currently, the language that is supported by the app is only English. So, if you prefer to use the app in your language you can’t do it yet.

There is no need to prepare a budget for downloading and installing the app. However, if you need to access more features you can purchase a premium subscription for $1.99.

Happy Plant allows me to manage my plan better. It reminds me to water my plants with unique water schedules. I also need to take each selfie of my plant each time I water it in purpose to create a time-lapse video of its growth. The feature that I love is the plants profile. I can customize each plant and give it name too.

5. Garden Answers Plant Id

Garden Answers Plant Id

Garden Answers Plant Id is an awesome app that helps us to quickly identify more than 20.000 plants and also give us the complete and accurate information.

The app is developed by Gardens Alive. The  iOS 9.0 or later must be installed in your iPhone before you download and install Garden Answer Plant Id. Since the first time Garden Answer Plant Id available in the AppStore, now it has been used by more than 1.500 users and it received 4.1 star rating.

The languages that are supported by the app is currently still two; English, and Japanese.

The app is free to download and use. However, if you need to get more access of the advanced features there, an active subscription is required. The price of subscription is affordable. The range is from $1.99 to $3.99.

The app helps me to identify my plants in just a few seconds with its simple interfaces. Gather more information about the plants that we curious by inputing keyword and search it easily. I can also save my favorite results under the Favorites tab.

6. Blossom – Plant Identifier

Blossom Plant Care Guide

Grow and take care of our plants confidently with Blossom – Plant Identifier app. This app will make it easy for us in taking care of our plants even though it is our first time to have plants in our house.

Blossom app is developed by Conceptiv Apps LLC. Before using the app make sure that your iPhone already has iOS 15.4 or later installed, or else the app may not work well. The app is one of the 144 best apps under Education category that has been used by almost 60.000 users and it gains 4.6-star rating.

The languages that are supported by the app are English, French, German, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.

The app can be downloaded and installed for free. However, after the free trial period ended, you must purchase a subscription to be able to continue using the app. The price of the subscription is in the range of $3.99 to $29.99.

Blossom app is a great app. By using it I can get the plant care in detail includes when to water, propagate, prun, fertilize the plants and more. The app has Blossom Assistant which is a chatbot when our plants are not in the good condition. The thing that make this app different is that I can get the guides in growing some plants that are edible to eat.

7. Steward: Plant Care Customized

Steward Plant Care Customized

Get the plant recommendations that will grow well on your room or place with Steward: Plant Care Customized. You don’t need to confuse to in deciding which plan that grow well in your place anymore.

The app is developed by STWRD, Inc. To be able to use the app without any problem, the iOS 12.0 or later is required to be installed on our iPhone. So, if your iOS is under iOS 12.0, please update your iOS version first before you download the app. Currently, the app has 4.5-star rating in the AppStore.

Steward app can be downloaded for free. However, if you want to access the full features of the app, you must purchase a subscription first. The price of the subscription is in the range of $9.99 to $129.99.

This app is unique. It gives us recommendations about the plants that will thrive in our room. The way to get the recommendation is easy. Scan our room, then the app will identify the light intensity and the space. After that, the recommendation will be deliver to us by the app. Steward app is also equipped with the smart reminder to remind us in watering the plants.

8. WaterMe – Gardening Reminders

WaterMe Gardening Reminders

Get a reminder to taking care each of your plants differently based on their needs using WaterMe – Gardening Reminders. No need to create many reminder using the regular reminder app that will confuse you.

The app is developed by Jeffrey Bergier. If you consider to install the app on your iPhone, please make sure that the iOS version in your device is iOS 11.0 or later, or else, the app will not run well. WaterMe has been voted to 4.7-star rating by its users.

Currently, the app is only supported two languages. These are English, and Italian.

If you download it from AppStore and then install it to your iPhone, you will not be charged. However, an active subscription is needed if you want to access the full features in the WaterMe app. The price of the subscriptions vary. It is in the range of $0.99 to $4.99.

When using the app, I can add my plants, add reminders to water, fertilize my plants and etc. The app gives me notification to remind me watering or taking care my plants. Once the action is done, I can drag and drop the reminder and it can be marked as complete.

9. PictureThis – Plant Identifier

PictureThis Plant Identifier

Identifying your plants will be easy using the PictureThis – Plant Identifier app. Some kinds of plants that can be identify include flowers, shurbs, herbs, and trees.

The app is developed by Glority Global Group Ltd. The iOS 13.0 or later must be installed on your iPhone to be able to run PictureThis smoothly. PictureThis has been used by more than 700.000 users and gains 4.8-star rating in the AppStore.

PictureThis app support these languages; English, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish.

The app has a plant identifier that quite accurate since its database covers 17,000+ species of plant. Diagnosing and curing become easier as I can get the insight related to it from the app. PictureThis also has reminder feature to notify me to water, fertilize, clean and also repot the plants.

10. Gardenia – Plant Organizer

Gardenia Plant Organizer

Grow your plants better with the help of Gardenia – Plant Organizer app. Get the gardening tips and tricks to make your plants thrive.

Gardenia is developed by Fabio Prati. The app needs iOS 9.0 or later to be installed on your iPhone to run well. Currently, it has 4.3-star rating voted by its users and still counting. Even though originally Gardenia is designed for iPad, now it is compatible for iPad too.

The good thing I like about this app is that Gardenia can be downloaded, installed, and used for totally free. I don’t need to purchase any weekly, monthly, or even yearly subscription to access full features that the app has. Say goodbye to plan budget to purchase subscription.

Gardenia allows me to browse 90,000+ plants species with the tips that we can apply when taking care of the plants. The tips itself include the sun exposure, soiling, watering, fertilizing and more. There is also a reminder feature to notify me when the time to water my plants have come. Another insight such as weather monitor of my location is also delivered to me by the app in purpose to adjust the treatment that I should give to my plants.

Thank you for reading this article. Stay healthy, stay happy and see you on the next article. Bye. 🙂

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