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Helpful tips and how-to related to Android, also covering best apps to power up your daily life.

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How to Use TeamViewer on Android

It is common when someone to ask his friend when he doesn’t know how to fix or set something in their device. However, there will be a problem if that person gets confused in executing the command of what his friend’s said. As the solution, both of them must use TeamViewer. So, the one helping can access the device directly from a different place.

How to Check Available RAM Capacity in Android

It is such a privilege to have a large RAM on our Android smartphone. We will be able to install a lot of apps and run them smoothly without any problems. However, sometimes we also need to check the available RAM capacity in Android that we have too. If you want to know the way in checking it, read the entire article to get the thing.

How to Delete a Comment on TikTok

It is very common to leave a comment in a TikTok video that makes us feel amused. However, we often type the words wrongly, in this context is a typo. So, the meaning of the words or the readable level of the comment we post is low. Because of this reason, if we want to leave a better comment we need to delete our existing one on TikTok.