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Helpful tips and how-to related to Android, also covering best apps to power up your daily life.

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How to Disable Gmail’s Email Address Autofilling on Android

In order to make the auto-fill disappear, we need to disable it first. There are some reasons that cause people to decide to disable Gmail auto-filling an email address. One of those reasons is that it is too annoying when they want to fill an email field with another email. So, disabling the auto-fill will stop them from being annoyed.

How to Sort the Photos on Instagram Feed by Chronological Date

Often miss the content posted by our favorite accounts on Instagram? There is a solution. Since Instagram launched the Following and Favourites we will not be worried about missing content that is being shared by the Instagram accounts we follow.

How To Disable AutoCorrect In Google Docs using Android

Autocorrect is a useful feature that helps you type faster, but it can be overly helpful at times by changing something you didn’t intend to change. You can disable this feature in Google Docs to avoid having your typing interrupted by unwanted changes to your documents.

How to Add or Change Background Color on Instagram Stories

The Stories is a good feature to use if we want to share or show a post to our followers but we don’t want to make it permanent and don’t want to see it displays on our Instagram photo collections.