How to Make Labels and How to Use It on WhatsApp Business

Labels make it convenient to track ongoing and finished transactions on Whatsapp Business. They can also help you find messages and chats and can be customized using multiple colors.

If you intend to make full use of this feature, this tutorial got your back, keep reading!


Chats > Labels > Add New Label > Save

WhatsApp Business: The Way to Make labels and How to Use It

1. To create a new label, go to Chats. Swipe down and then select Labels > Add New Label > and Save. You can edit the color, name, and delete a label by accessing More Options, denoted by the three-dot sign.

How to Make Labels and How to Use It on WhatsApp Business

2. Name your new label and hit Save. Keep in mind that you can create up to twenty labels.

If you want to apply the labels, you can do that on a group chat or on separate messages:

1. Swipe left on an individual or a group chat, select More and Label Chat. 

2. You can also apply a label to a single message within a chatroom. Tap and hold the message to open More > Label.

    After you set labels, you can find labeled messages in no time from the Chats tab. As always, select the three-dot symbol > Labels and tap the one with messages you want to find. Good luck!

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