How to Compress/Zip Files on Android

File compression is a way to send large-sized data over the internet. There are many file compressors you can use, and there is one for every platform, including Android.


Download & install RAR Application > Launch it > Tap the add file icon button > Browse > Select file > Select RAR or ZIP > OK

Android Smartphone: The Way to Make ZIP or Compress Files

Why do we have to create a zip file?

There are several reasons why we should compress a folder or file:

1. The file or folder size is too large to be sent via email, whatsapp, or telegram.

2. When we copy 1 file with a size of 10 mb compared to 100 files with a total of 10 mb, the transfer speed will be faster when the file is in the form of a single file.

3. Email, whatsapp, and telegram do not support sending folders, so there is no other choice but to put it in a zip file.

How to Compress/Zip Files on Android

1. First, go to PlayStore and download the RAR Application.

2. Open it up, make sure to give it access to the files in your device.

3. You will see an interface like the one below. Tap the files you want to compress and then hit the zip icon.

How to Compress/Zip Files on Android

4. Adjust up the additional options, such as the archive’s name, the folder to save the zip, and whether you want to lock it with a password.

how to comnpress file on android 2

5. Once done, hit OK.

And voila! Your zip file is up and ready to be sent. With this format, overcoming size limit in some platforms (like emails) become possible. Hopefully, it works out for you. If, after compressing, it doesn reduce the file size by a lot, consider compressing the individual files first before compiling them in a zip. You can use tools such as Compress2Go, for example.

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