How to Save and Create Instagram Reels Collection

Collection on Instagram is a great way to curate content you would like to peruse later. It keeps things organized and easy to track. The feature can apply to all content on Instagram, including Reels. Curious as to how to use it? Let’s find out!


Go to individual posts and tap bookmark icon > Select Save to Collection > Name the collection & add more content to it.

Instagram Mobile App: The Way to Save and Create Reels Collection

1. The process of creating a Reels collection is the same as creating one for images or videos: you go to individual posts and then tap on the bookmark icon.

2. From there, you can select Save to Collection, where you can tap the plus sign to make a new one.

How to Save and Create Instagram Reels Collection

3. Name and add more content to your collection!

And that’s pretty much it. Hopefully, this quick tutorial is helpful to whoever likes Reels and wants to benefit from the convenience of Instagram’s Collection.

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  1. on my first account, I’m able to save reels to collection, but on my second account, when I save a reels, it doesn’t let me to choose a collection, so I have to open the collection and add the posts manually

    1. I used to be able to save my reels to their own collection, but I can’t do it anymore either. Please help! I like to keep things organized!