How to Write with All the Colors of the Rainbow on Instagram Stories

Instagram offers tons of neat features to showcase your creative content. From filters to colors, this app has it all! One of the best tricks to create a more visually appealing Instagram story is by writing your text in multi-colored fonts.

Curious how to do so? Add a dash of color to your Instagram story texts with this simple trick!


Create Instagram Stories with Aa > Type your text & highlight it > Select color picker > Select all text > One hand move the color picker & another one move unselect the text characters by characters

Writing Instagram Stories with Rainbow Colors

1. First, create an Instagram story and select the Aa icon to write a text.

2. Write your text and highlight it by long-pressing the letters.

3. Select the color picker tool on top of the screen.

4. Now the next step requires a bit of dexterity as it requires both hands. While highlighting the text, use your other hand to long-press the color palettes so it becomes a spectrum. Simply toggles the colors until each letter has a different one. Like so:

How to Write with All the Colors of the Rainbow on Instagram Stories

Congratulations! Now you have a colorful text for your Instagram story. Do you like this trick? Let us know in the comments down below!

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