How to See the Mobile Layout of your Instagram App from PC

Instagram is one of the most visual-heavy apps out there. To boost engagement, many content creators pour hours into creating the picture-perfect layout.

Instagram can be accessed from both the app and a browser. However, some features on these platforms are slightly different. If you’re editing using a PC and want to see how the changes appear on mobile, you can do so with this easy browser hack without leaving your computer.


Head to Instagram web > Log in with your credential > Profile >
Press CTRL + SHIFT + I > Inspect > Click Tablet icon button

Seeing Instagram Web from Your PC with Mobile App Layout

1. Visit Instagram‘s official website from your PC. Enter your login ID and password to gain access to your account.

2. While you’re on your profile page, press CTRL + SHIFT + I key to open the Inspect tool. Once the window is open, you just need to click on the mobile-tablet icon located on the console’s top-left corner.

How to See the Mobile Layout of your Instagram App from PC

3. Click the reload button and refresh, then simply close the inspect window.

And you’re done! This action will resize your Instagram window into how it would look on the mobile view.  Not too difficult, right? We hope this browser hack is useful to you!

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