How to Create a Subreddit (Community) on New Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest platforms on the internet, it has very active users. Actually, the concept is similar to other social media, but what is quite noticeable is the lower level of censorship than other platforms. In addition, Reddit also uses an upvote and downvote system for every post, unlike Facebook and Twitter, which only have the Like or Love buttons.

Everyone can create a subreddit or community, similar to the concept of a Facebook group, it has members, and each member can submit a link, picture, video, or poll. Members can also discuss, and reply to each other’s comments.


Click the drop-down menu > Click Create Community > Fill in the form > Click Create Community

New Reddit: How to Create a Subreddit or Community in It

FYI, to create a subreddit, you must have positive Karma and your account is more than 30 days old. Read this post for more information.

1. Click on the drop-down menu next to the Reddit logo on the top left.

2. Scroll down to the “Create Community” menu and click it.

How to Create a Subreddit (Community) on New Reddit

3. Fill in the subreddit name, category, description, etc.

How to Create a Subreddit (Community) on New Reddit

4. Make sure everything is filled in correctly; the name of the subreddit cannot be changed.

5. Click Create Community

6. Done, you can add topics to the subreddit.

One thing that is quite helpful in controlling the activities of Reddit users is Karma. The higher the Karma you get, the better your reputation on Reddit will be. Karma indicates how many upvotes the user receives.

That’s it! Good luck!


Q: Can I change the name of my subreddit after it’s created?

A: No, you cannot change the name of your subreddit after it has been created. Make sure to choose a name that reflects the theme or topic of your community.

Q: Can I make my subreddit private or restricted?

A: Yes, you can set your subreddit to private or restricted. In a private community, only approved members can view and participate. In a restricted community, anyone can view the content, but only approved members can submit posts and comments.

Q: How do I customize my subreddit’s appearance?

A: To customize your subreddit’s appearance, go to the “Mod Tools” section in your community’s sidebar and click on “Community Appearance.” From there, you can modify the color scheme, header, background image, logo, and more to create a unique look for your community.

Q: How do I set rules for my subreddit?

A: When creating your subreddit, you’ll have the option to add rules. You can also edit or add rules later by going to the “Mod Tools” section and selecting “Rules & Regulations.” Make sure your rules are clear and enforceable to maintain a positive environment in your community.

Q: Can I delete my subreddit if I no longer want it?

A: While you cannot fully delete a subreddit, you can make it private and remove all content, effectively shutting it down. You can also transfer ownership to another user if you no longer want to be involved in managing the community.

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