How to Download Videos from Twitter

Twitter is a great social media platform to share and discover what’s recently happening. The character limitations made the platform perfect to post short-form content. It even allows users to upload videos with a maximum length of 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

However, unlike images, downloading video content requires an extra workaround, as the platform does not have a built-in downloading function for videos yet. Luckily, though, there are lots of tools that can help you out.


Copy Link of the tweet with the video > Head to SaveTweetVid or Twdown from the browser > Paste the link > Click Download

Downloading Videos from Twitter in Three Steps

To save your favorite videos from Twitter, you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to Twitter, and search for the tweet that contains the video you’d like to save. Click on the share button and select Copy Link to Tweet if you are on a desktop and Copy Link if you are on mobile.

How to Download Videos from Twitter

2. Head over to your browser and paste the link onto Twitter downloader websites like SaveTweetVid or Twdown.

How to Download Videos from Twitter

3. Wait until the link is processed and select the video quality you want to save your video.

Alternatively, you can also use apps such as Download Twitter Videos on Android or Documents by Readdle if you’re on iOS devices. Soon, you will have your favorite Twitter videos downloaded in no time.


Q: Is it possible to download videos without using external tools or websites?

A: While Twitter doesn’t provide a direct option to download videos, you can use the “Inspect Element” feature in some browsers to access the video’s source code and download it manually. However, this method might be more complicated and time-consuming than using third-party tools.

Q: Is downloading videos from Twitter legal?

A: Downloading videos from Twitter might breach copyright laws if you don’t have permission from the content creator. Ensure that you have the appropriate rights or consent before downloading and using any content from the platform.

Q: Will the quality of the downloaded video be the same as the original?

A: Most video downloading tools and websites allow you to choose the desired video quality before downloading. However, the highest available quality will be limited to the original video’s resolution.

Q: Can I download videos from private accounts on Twitter?

A: Downloading videos from private accounts may not be possible with most third-party tools and websites, as they typically require public access to the tweet containing the video. Accessing and downloading content from private accounts without permission may also violate the user’s privacy.

Q: Are there any limitations when using third-party tools to download Twitter videos?

A: Some third-party tools might have limitations, such as a maximum video length, daily download limits, or lower video quality. It’s essential to review the tool’s specifications and features before using it for downloading videos.

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