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Tune into Tunes: SEO Tactics for Boosting Spotify Listeners

Spotify is a popular music streaming platform. To get more listeners, it’s important to use SEO tactics and promote your playlist on social media. Check out SocialPlug for organic engagement on your profile.

How to Block Artists On Spotify Using Android and iPhone

When we want to prevent the songs from certain artists to play automatically because we play the songs too often, we must block the artist from our Spotify. This can be done from both your Android smartphone and iPhone. Once the artist is blocked, you will not see any song from the artist is appeared.

How to Create a Spotify Listening Party on Discord

Discord is a great platform to do various things that commonly can’t be done on any other platform. In situations where we can’t meet our friends such as long-distance friendships, or got trapped in a pandemic, creating a Spotify listening party on Discord will make the usage of Discord even better. So, we will not be listening to music alone, but with the people joining the party.