How to Clear The Spotify Cache from Android

Spotify stands as a monumental audio streaming platform, originating from Sweden, which has opened the doors to a vast universe of music and podcasts. By hosting a platform for artists to share their digital copyright-restricted content, it has become a bridge between creators and listeners. As of the curtain fall of 2022, Spotify’s melody has reached the ears of over 489 million users globally. Its corporate family includes subsidiaries like Spotify Limited, Spotify AB, Sonalytic Ltd., and Soundtrack AB, among others.

The Brains Behind the Beats: The Genesis of Spotify

The name on the app is the name of the company – Spotify. The credit for this innovative venture goes to Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, who founded Spotify in April 2006. The platform was unveiled to the public in October 2008, and made its debut in the United States in July 2011, becoming a household name for music lovers.

Why Does Your Android Phone Need a Spotify Cache Cleanup?

Spotify leverages your device’s memory to store fragments of music and podcasts as cache, ensuring smooth playback. Over time, this cache can accumulate, potentially slowing down the app or causing playback issues​1​.

Eradicating Cache Clutter: How to Clear Spotify Cache on Android

How to Clear The Spotify Cache from Android
  1. Via Spotify App:
    • Launch Spotify and tap on ‘Home.’
    • Proceed to ‘Settings,’ then scroll to ‘Storage.’
    • Tap on ‘Delete Cache’ to free up your device from cached data​.
  2. Via Phone Settings:
    • Navigate to your phone’s settings.
    • Scroll and tap on ‘Apps,’ find and select Spotify.
    • Tap on ‘Storage,’ then ‘Clear Cache’ to perform the cleanup​.

Wrapping Up

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