How to Add Location on WhatsApp Business

If you have a storefront, adding a location to your WhatsApp Business Profile is a must. This way, your customer can find you easier than ever.

It’s easy to do so as well.


launch WhatsApp Business > Go to profile > Tap 3-dot button > Business tools > Business profile > Tap pencil icon on the Business Address > Enter the details of your business location / directly SET LOCATION ON MAP > UPDATE

Step-by-step You Can Follow in Adding Location on WhatsApp Business

1. Select the three-dot icon on your profile, and select Business tools > Business profile.

2. You will see a number of fields, tap Edit (the pencil icon) on the Business address. Enter your the details of your business location thoroughly, make sure to leave nothing behind.
how to add a location on whatsapp business

3. You can also change your map location by selecting SET LOCATION ON MAP.

4. Selecting UPDATE will have the map reflect the location you’ve put in the address field.

5. If you need to locate a specific spot on the map, tap LET ME SET LOCATION.

6. Hit DONE and SAVE once you’re finished. However, keep in mind that this only changes the pin of your business location on the map. The address in the address field will stay the same unless you tweak it.

There you go, an easy but often overlooked tip to get more people to visit your business location. Having these details up and ready will ensure a smoother customer experience and lands credibility to your business.

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