5 Portaling Tips for Advanced Splitgate Players

One of the hottest FPS games around now, Splitgate has shown a splendid combination of futuristic combat and portaling. Its portals are a unique feature and one of the strongest pulls to the game.

Players can move between sections or maps in split seconds using portals—no need for time-consuming walks but a more exciting mode of transportation.

There are so many uses of the portals that even some advanced players are not using them. If you want to truly harness the portals in Splitgate, learning about the portals should be of utmost priority to you.

Aiming, shooting, and speed may be strong skills in other FPS games, but when it comes to Splitgate, portaling stands tall.

Players that want to unlock a different level in their skill set for Splitgate will take learning about its portals seriously. Portals in Splitgate are flexible as you can vary their position and open and close portals at will.

Actionable Tips for Playing Splitgatelike a Pro

Here are some actionable tips for playing like a pro through efficient portaling in Splitgate:

1. Use Portals as CCTVs

One of the best ways of using portals aside from movement is as a CCTV.

As you can see through your portals, citing portals in battlefields you want to monitor and another in your base will help you keep track of enemy activity in the area without being physically present.

You can set the portal overhead or underneath the area to fully view the field.

With an overwatch view, you can anticipate enemy attacks, advance better and analyze the enemy strategies. Ensure you’re not standing in front of the portal but in a discreet position to avoid unexpected enemy fire.

2. Create Portals to Prevent Enemy Portals

Some walls and positions are critical spots with so many upsides. However, sometimes, these upsides may be less effective for you than for your enemies.

For example, creating a portal in that location to stop enemies from having a portal is advantageous since You or your enemies cannot create a portal on another.

You can even destroy some portals used frequently by the enemy using your grenade. And then, create your portal on the same spot to cover the space.

Bear in mind that your rivals can also destroy your portals with grenades, but you can use them to your advantage since it is a time-consuming activity.

3. Perfect PC Keybinding

Setting specific keys for certain actions is a great way to play better. It becomes more vital when dealing with portals in Splitgate. Key combinations are essential to take portal action in Splitgate quickly.

Keybinding the major activities and memorizing these keys will help you react faster when using portals.

Some of the most common keybinding actions used by pros are: “Q and E” to close portals, “Middlemouse” for grenades, and “Mousewheel up or down” to place portals.

With these keys on lock, you can quickly take portaling action in-game. The good thing is that this is not limited to PC players only, as console players can use wired and wireless keyboards to set keybinding actions.

4. Use Portals to Set Traps

Set traps with your portals since your enemies cannot see through your portals but can shoot through and come through. Open portals behind enemies to create the illusion you’re planning an ambush from there.

This action will lure many enemy fighters into the tunnel, trying to attack you first. Attack them once they get into the portal.

5. Utilize the Momentum Through Portals

You can take the momentum from one portal to another and use it to gain quick advantages. Certain actions before going through a portal are momentum builders when you come out from the other side.

For example, jumping down into a portal, running, or shooting through can create a forward momentum when you come out from the portal.

Jumping from a height through a portal with the right inclination gives you extra speed for a few seconds.

You can use this speed to surprise enemies and close the gap. This is similar to the speed you gain when you run through a portal. However, firing through that portal is also deadly as the blast is concentrated.


Playing Splitgate like a pro involves learning portaling and mastering all the portal uses.

With portal knowledge, you’ll jump above most Splitgate players who neglect portals or only use them for movement on the map. You can also utilize undetected Splitgate hacks to win more matches.

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