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Unleash the Pirate Within: Some effective Tips to Mastering Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a thrilling open-world pirate adventure game that requires players to navigate treacherous waters, engage in battles with other pirate crews, and hunt for elusive treasures. It’s a game that’s all about the journey, rather than the destination, and players must learn to adapt and make quick decisions to succeed.

4 Ways to Get Your Dream Job as a DevOps Engineer

Sooner or later, any cloud engineer starts looking for the job of their dreams. When you already have enough experience and skills, you want to not only come to the office and perform your duties but also enjoy it. For some, the primary selection criterion is salary, for others, a social package, the prestige of the company, and a friendly team. There are plenty of Devops AWS jobs on the market, but you must try hard to choose your own. Here are a few ways for you to do it.