Hackers are getting more active in today’s world. No matter how careful u remain, a small mistake from your end can give the hackers a perfect opportunity to ruin your life. In this modern world, we can’t pass a single day without staying connected to the internet. Does that mean, our security will be always compromised? The obvious answer is NO. If we follow some simple rules, we should be able to protect ourselves from the most notorious hackers.

Some of you might be thinking that you don’t have any technical knowledge and there is no way you are going to stay safe in the online world. Go through this article very carefully, as we will give you some amazing tips which will help you to protect your PCs from unnecessary threats.

Always use a secured network

Most people don’t even realize that by connecting their smart devices with public Wi-Fi, they are exposing themselves to the hacker community. Public Wi-Fi networks are not all secured. So, if you ever connect to such a network, consider your security at great risk. Unless you truly need to connect to the public network, it is always better to use mobile data. At times people think that they have nothing special in their computer or smartphone and they develop the tendency to use free Wi-Fi. By doing so, they are creating a pathway for the hackers to have a look at their personal life.

Is mobile data safe?

Compared to the public network, mobile data is way safer. It becomes a tough job for hackers when you use mobile data in a public place. However, if you intend to deal with your financial apps, make sure you are using them with an extreme level of caution. It would be wise not use do any kind of financial transaction via mobile or smart device in any public place.

Use a premium VPN

To be on the safe side, you should be hiding your digital identity from hackers. Those who are smart have already embraced modern VPN applications since the software mask the user’s identity. The best thing about using the VPN window is that you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money. You might get the free version of the premium VPN and protect your identity. If you are not sure how the use of a VPN is going to enhance your security, you may also use a premium VPN for the trial period. If you like it, keep it or else you can always ask for a full refund.

Always use antivirus

To keep your personal computer safe, you should always use a modern antivirus program. Some of you might think that you won’t have to use an antivirus program as Microsoft is already offering its free windows antivirus program. However, it would be wise to get your premium VPN software from the scratch. However, you need to remember that installing the antivirus program on your device is not enough. To be on the safe side, you should always update the virus database. You should turn the auto-update features on to keep your pc protected all the time.

Never use cracked software

Some advanced users think that they are saving huge money by using the cracked version of the popular software. They never think that the cracks and patches for the software are being developed by the hacker community. So, if you install the application on your computer, you may consider the security compromised. Hackers can easily get into your system and steal all the important data from your hard drive.

Always use a secure web browser

To extract information from the internet, we need to rely on a browser. Instead of using an unreliable browser, we strongly suggest that you keep on using a reliable browser. Focus on popular browsers like chrome, Mozilla safari, etc. Make sure you keep your browser updated all the time or else the hackers might find a way to get into your system. If possible use VPN add-ons in your browser as it will hide your digital footprint. Last but not the least, stay away from unreliable sites.