How to Make Money from Instagram

Instagram is a great platform to build a business. It’s visual-heavy and comes with many tools to grow a brand. If you want to try your luck at making money from Instagram, there are three routes you can take.


1Sell a product or a service, 2Paid promotion/ad endorsement, 3Selling your photos

Some Ways You Can Do to Make Money from Instagram

1. Sell a product or a service
There is practically no limit as to what kind of products or services you can sell on Instagram, as long as it adheres to Instagram’s guideline and the law. If you have no product line to offer on your own, dropshipping is a viable option, where you resell third-party’s products or services for a commission. It’s generally cheaper than manufacturing your own goods, and, depending on the agreement, can also save you the hassle of packaging and shipping too. Learn more about selling products on Instagram here.

2. Paid promotion/ad endorsement
This is a viable money-making method if you especially have a large following to your name. The way it works is that your account is like a personalised billboard complete with a spokesperson (you) to endorse and vouch for the quality of a brand. Here’s a guide on how to grow an Instagram audience. After you had enough followers, consider joining influencer’s network so you can get access to brand deals and resources to further grow your brand.

3. Selling your photos
If photography or graphic design is your passion, this is a method you can consider. Being a visual-centric account, the platform is perfect for showcasing the photos you took or the illustrations you’ve made. Don’t forget to watermark all of your creations! If there’s an interested buyer and the transaction goes smoothly, you can then give the non-watermarked, HD-version of the image to the customer.

There are many more ways to make money on Instagram, with those three being the most popular. What do you think? Which method do you like and why? Let us know in the comments!

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