How to Find People, Tags, and Places on Instagram—Like most social media websites, Instagram offers convenient ways to connect with other users if you haven’t followed them. The platform is equipped with a robust search feature you can use to track tags, find people, and even places. Curious to know how to utilize this particular function so you can improve your Instagram experience?

Let’s find out in this article!

  1. Tap the magnifying glass to access the search bar, and enter the keywords or usernames you’re looking for. Filter your results by switching between the tabs: Top, Tags, Accounts/People, and Places. If you want to see the popular results, pick the first tab, if you want to see similar tags, choose the second one, and so on and so forth.
  2. How to Find People Tags and Places on InstagramI will try to search with the keywords University of Birmingham, then the results appear in the form of accounts, tags, and locations.
    Instagram will display everything with that keyword, it could be a real account, a fake one, or one that contains that keyword.
    On the places tab, I can find photos and videos shared with that location.
  3. You can also find relevant tags and users to follow from Instagram’s suggested posts.
  4. Or, go to the hamburger menu and select Discover People to find suggested users based on your contacts (enable Instagram access to your phone’s contacts to find more relevant results.)

And that’s how to do it in a nutshell. Hopefully, you’ll get the relevant results you’re looking for. Thanks for stopping by and we’ll be seeing you in the next article!