8 Devices for the Best Binge-Watching Experience

Saving a drama series for the weekend? We get that. Most of us love binge-watching TV series instead of waiting week after week only to watch a 20-minute episode and wait again. And by the time a whole week has passed, you probably have already forgotten what happened in the last episode and would need a recap.

Binge-watching, on the other hand, is really convenient. With a plethora of streaming services at your fingertips, you just need a day to enjoy a whole season, or more if you are up for it. So, if you are going to allocate your precious days off to binge-watching, you might as well make it a great experience. We’ve got you covered; Here are some great devices for immersive binge-watching.

1. Smart speakers

It goes without saying that we do not want to get off the couch when we are in the middle of an episode. That is why smart speakers are great additions to the binge-watching experience. Now, you do not have to even move to adjust the volume when the characters on the screen go from whispering to screaming within one cut scene.

If you are in the market for smart speakers, you may want to look for a speaker that accommodates a wide range of frequencies. Additionally, you could get speakers with the pairing feature for the full stereo listening mode. TechRadar has made it easier to filter your search with their informative list of smart speakers that could be an excellent fit for you.

2. Laptop

Family Watching Movie In Laptop On Bed

Well, this may be quite self-explanatory, but common areas at home may be a little noisy since that is where everyone comes together for the day. So, if you are not one to hang out in the living room, this one is for you.

With a laptop, you have the luxury of lying in bed and binge-watching your favorite show. Quieter and with full immersion, your thriller series can now be even more enticing than ever. Additionally, it is advisable to go for laptops with larger screens and good display technology that are also lightweight for better mobility. Acer, Lenovo, and HP laptops are great options if you want an upgrade anytime soon.

3. Smart lighting

While you are at it, you could add smart lighting set to your cart. You will definitely switch off the lights before you plop yourself on the comfy couch before your drama marathon. However, the long exposure to blue light from electronic screens damages the retina. Luckily, ambient lighting can reduce the deteriorating effects of blue light on the eyes. Plus, you can create any mood for your environment according to the show you are binging; Talk about immersion.

4. Mini fridge

When binge-watching your favorite shows, snacking is a must. With a mini-fridge at arm’s reach, you will not have to make a dozen trips to the kitchen to get a cup of yogurt. When you start to get hungry, just lean over to your mini-fridge. Not to mention, you do not have to compromise on keeping your drinks cold.

5. Popcorn maker

Speaking of snacks, here is another device that can help you with that. A popcorn maker will be an amazing addition to your snack bar, especially if you have guests. Spice up your movie marathons with a customizable selection of popcorn flavors to choose from.

6. Projector

If you are planning to bring your binge-watching fiesta outdoors and multiply the party of one, a projector is what you need. Instead of indoors on the TV, the projector allows for a larger screen with high-definition screen quality. However, be sure to also account for screen contrast and brightness whereby both white and color brightness should be at optimum levels.

After all, smart projectors nowadays are much more user-friendly and easier to set up. Moreover, they come with wireless connectivity, ensuring you can binge-watch anytime and anywhere despite not having an electrical outlet. Now you can prepare a snack bar in the backyard and call over some friends for a viewing party of the latest show.

7. Phone

On the contrary, if you are on the go, you need something portable instead. Sitting in the car during long journeys can get boring. In times like this, a phone with good battery life is your knight in shining armor.

You could browse through Xiaomi phones with widescreen options, a bright screen display, and high resolution. And once you get home, you could just turn on the TV and switch to the wireless screen-mirroring feature. Therefore, having a phone is not only convenient when you’re out and about but also helps with transitioning your show from device to device.

8. Noise-cancelling headphones

While on the topic of being out and about, we must address the need for headphones. You do not want to disrupt others with the noise, so your best bet is to mute your device and turn on the subtitles; Watching a show in public is just pointless without headphones.

Aside from fulfilling the basic functions, you could opt for an upgrade. Noise-cancelling headphones typically have a stereo sound system that produces a rich and balanced sound. Using a pair of these headphones will be a game-changer!

You are all set for the most immersive binge-watching experience ever. You will not want to leave your seat. With these devices, you are sure to look forward to movie marathons, whether alone or with your loved ones.

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