13 Best Games on iPhone

Looking for the best iPhone games? You are fortunate. We’ve compiled a list of the best iPhone games available right now. Although mobile gaming has grown in popularity in recent years, some of us may prefer to play simpler games as a diversion. You could be in line at the store or on your way to work. In any case, mobile games are a fun way to pass the time.

Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular, and the iPhone is not left out of the conversation. There’s a great option for gamers of all experience and commitment levels among the best iPhone games. Whether you’re a die-hard gamer, a casual player, or somewhere in between, there are amazing iPhone games just a download away. Even the types of mobile games are becoming more diverse.

In addition to the game options, the new iPhones’ edge-to-edge display makes them an excellent choice for gaming. There is bound to be something for everyone among the seemingly limitless number of games available on the App Store. If you’re new to iPhone mobile gaming, it can be difficult to sort through everything on your own. We’ll start by going over all of the best games for your iPhone right away.

Genshin Impact

13 Best Games on iPhone

Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.4 from 417.6K Ratings

We will start with Genshin Impact. If you enjoy exploring a vast world and solving mysteries, Genshin Impact could be a winner for you. Genshin Impact is a gacha-based open-world RPG in which you play as an interstellar traveler who, along with their twin, has been trapped on the planet of Teyvat, a world full of gods and monsters. Form groups of four elementally aligned heroes to explore the world, defeat monsters, and solve the mysteries of Teyvat’s past.

There are also boss battles where you can team up with your friends to decimate your opponents and conquer difficult domains. You can use the seven elements to discover unique elemental reactions that will give you an advantage in battle. Aside from battles, Genshin Impact has stunning visuals and character animations. And the soothing soundtrack ensures that your journey through the world is a pleasant one.

Despite only having the first two nations unlocked, Genshin Impact already has over 150 hours of gameplay to complete. It is also available on Android, PC, and PlayStation and supports cross-platform play with fantastic multiplayer options, as well as frequent events that provide even more gameplay for those who have completed the currently available quests.

Among Us

13 Best Games on iPhone

Developer: InnerSloth LLC
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.1 from 722K Ratings

Our second list of the best game for the iPhone is Among Us. The suspenseful multiplayer party game Among Us debuted in 2018, but it took off in 2020. Nobody could have predicted that pandemic-induced social isolation would leave us all desperate for new ways to virtually interact with friends, including lying to them on spaceships. Among Us is a genuinely and enormously entertaining online and offline multiplayer game that is more than just the right game for the right moment. It’s an Editors’ Choice iPhone game for anyone who can stomach deception.

At its core, Among Us is a very simple game. Up to ten players are assigned tasks to complete on their spaceship. However, one of the crew members is an imposter, a monstrous alien bent on killing the crew. They win if the imposter can kill the crew before they can agree on who they are (and eject them into space). The crew, on the other hand, wins if they can oust the imposter(s) or complete their tasks before they are outnumbered. Among us, gameplay presents a sci-fi version of Clue or Mafia.

This game’s simplicity is what makes it so enjoyable. Each match lasts less than 15 minutes, making it ideal for a party, but you can also play against random players from all over the world.

Alto’s Odyssey

13 Best Games on iPhone

Developer: Snowman
Cost: $0.99
App Store rating: 4.4 from 2.8K Ratings

The third list of the best game for the iPhone is Alto’s Odyssey. Alto’s Odyssey is an endless runner game with beautiful art design and a rich, calming soundtrack that sets it apart from the sea of endless runner games on the App Store.

Altos’ Adventure was about a boy snowboarding in the mountains and rescuing his llamas (who were fleeing). The game had several levels, each with three challenges. To advance to the next level, you had to compete in all three challenges. The basics remain the same in Alto’s Odyssey: you have different levels, each level has three challenges, and you must complete all three challenges to advance in the game – and at first glance, the graphics and gameplay may not appear to be too different. The impatient may not find anything new here – it has as, but Alto’s Odyssey is essentially an onion. Not the kind that makes you cry, but the kind with multiple layers. Layers that its patient players will undoubtedly enjoy.

The game offers subtly improved graphics without attempting to overhaul its already well-known clean, minimalistic look, has new techniques and tricks to learn to advance, but does not interfere with the basic gameplay. Ultimately, despite the additions and tweaks, the game is still about Alto and his surfboard and their ride.

Another aspect of the game that we really(really) enjoy is the background music, which is one of the game’s key elements and adds depth to it. It changes as you ride through different plains—it intensifies, softens, and calms as you ride through the desert. Yes, wearing headphones while playing is strongly advised. Not only to drown out other sounds or to better hear Alto’s board slithering on the sand, but also to lose yourself in the game.


13 Best Games on iPhone

Developer: Ubisoft
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.2 from 17.5K Ratings

Next, the fourth place on our list of the best game for the iPhone is Brawlhalla. Brawlhalla, Ubisoft’s popular fighting game that draws heavily on the iconic Super Smash Bros series, has finally arrived on iOS. Surprisingly, much of its allure survived the porting process. The graphics are as vibrant as they are on PC and console, all of the game modes and characters are present, and there’s even a battle pass that gives you hundreds of reasons to keep coming back. Although its touchscreen controls aren’t the best way to play Brawlhalla, the core experience is completely intact when using a controller.

Brawlhalla, which was first released in 2017, has thrived due to frequent updates, crossovers with popular franchises, and – most importantly – enjoyable gameplay that caters to players of all skill levels. Before entering the battlefield, you can select from 50+ legends, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. You won’t have instant access to all of the characters, as in many free-to-play games with large rosters, but instead will see a weekly rotation of eight free Legends. You can permanently unlock your favorites simply by playing and earning gold, then using that gold to buy them in-game. If you’re impatient, they’re always available if you’re willing to pay real money.

Characters can be further customized with unlockable items, skins, and color palettes, but many of these are locked behind a paywall – it is, after all, a free-to-play title. Fortunately, microtransactions are limited to cosmetics, and Brawlhalla is not a pay-to-win game. Anyone who spends real money will have some cool-looking Legends, but this will never translate into a gameplay advantage.

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

13 Best Games on iPhone

Developer: Bennett Foddy
Cost: $4.99
App Store rating: 4.3 from 5.1K Ratings

The fifth recommendation on our list of the best game for the iPhone is Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy. Getting Past It’s a game in which you play as a partially naked man in a giant pot who navigates the world with a sledgehammer. This is entirely controlled by the virtual analog, making for an odd control scheme as you try to drag or push yourself along. It was created by the aforementioned Bennett Foddy.

This is one of the strangest iPhone games you’ll ever play. You take control of a character in Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy who has his legs stuck in a cauldron and can only move with a hammer. You must use the hammer to climb a mountain, but there are no save points, so you can fall backward at any time, undoing all of your previous progress. The game also includes voiceover commentary from game designer Bennett Foddy, who discusses philosophical topics based on the player’s actions in-game.

Fallout Shelter

13 Best Games on iPhone

Developer: Bethesda Softworks LLC
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.8 from 403.8K Ratings

The sixth recommendation on our list of the best game for the iPhone is Fallout Shelter. Fallout Shelter puts you in charge of a vault—a radiation-free colony of survivors buried beneath the Earth. In practice, it’s a lot like the countless other mobile resource-management games out there.

If you’re sick of the same old same old when it comes to iPhone survival games, you should check out the Fallout Shelter app. This could be the best zombie game because it has a unique premise and gaming experience that will hook you from the start.

In this app, your goal is to construct an underground vault that will keep your citizens happy. Remember that you want this vault to be comfortable, entertaining, and secure for them. What appears to be a simple task necessitates considerable thought, planning, and strategizing.


13 Best Games on iPhone

Developer: Playdead ApS
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.3 from 25.2K Ratings

Inside will be the seventh of the best game for the iPhone on our list. This is a deep and creative 2D platform adventure in which a boy is somewhere he shouldn’t be and people are looking for him. As you try to work your way through this story, you will encounter several puzzles to solve. It is an indie title that has won over 100 awards in categories ranging from art to story to audio. It will keep you on edge and interested the entire time.

It is initially free in the app version of this. This means that players can try out the beginning of the story and then decide whether or not to buy the full story if they enjoy it. The moody style may not be for everyone, but if it is, you will enjoy every aspect of this game.


13 Best Games on iPhone

Developer: Playdead ApS
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.6 from 2.5K Ratings

The eighth recommendation on our list of the best game for the iPhone is Limbo. Limbo is the perfect example of these three crafts collaborating to create something spectacular. It communicates circumstance and causality more effectively than most games despite the lack of text, dialogue, or explanation. As we approach the launch of a new console generation, this black-and-white 2D puzzle platformer remains one of the best games of this generation.

You play as a young boy who wakes up in the middle of a forest with no idea who you are, how you got there, or where you’re going. You set out to explore this strange environment but quickly discover it to be a dangerous place, at which point your motivation becomes clear: you need to get out of there as soon as possible. There will be no cutscenes or loading screens to interrupt the action, making it easy to become engrossed in Limbo’s disturbing world. The game never stops surprising, delighting, and horrifying the player from start to finish.

The audio design on display here is nothing short of incredible. Many puzzles require you to listen carefully for sound effects that will lead you to the solution. While there isn’t much of a soundtrack in the traditional sense, the ambient noises make the player feel uneasy.


13 Best Games on iPhone

Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.6 from 15.6K  Ratings

The ninth recommendation on our list of the best game for the iPhone is PAC-MAN 256. Bandai Namco is bringing back the classic “Pac-man” video game for an endless runner spin.

That’s what you’ll find in “Pac-man 256,” a delightful little endless runner created by the same people who made “Crossy Road,” an essential title “Frogger” re-interpreted with a more modern 3D look and a level that never stopped until you ran out of time or jumped into an obstacle like a river or traffic.

As opposed to the boxed layout of the original Pacman, Pacman 256 forces our little yellow chopper to consume as many dots as he can before being caught out by the approaching end-of-level glitch or running into a ghost. The developer of both games took the Pacman game layout and design and also implemented a similar 3D retro graphic look as crossy road and endless layout.

Plague Inc

13 Best Games on iPhone

Developer: Ndemic Creations LTD
Cost: $0.99 (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.8 from 134.4K Ratings

Next, the tenth recommendation on our list of the best game for the iPhone is Plague Inc. Recently, Plague Inc., a dark strategy game, infected the top spot in the App Store. To avoid immunization and eventual eradication, your disease must develop new traits, symptoms, and levels of deadliness as the epidemic spreads. This puts you in charge of the evolution and spread of a virus that affects the entire world. Plague Inc. follows in the footsteps of Pandemic, a well-known Flash game from the web from a few years ago that has recently transitioned to iOS.

The gameplay is much more nuanced than I had anticipated. At first glance, it appears to be snarky—a quick-playing arcade game with a theme that would be amusing to those with, uh, darker senses of humor—sort of a “What if Ambrose Bierce wrote iOS game apps” kind of effort. However, the design is surprisingly well-made. You can’t just click on a country and spread disease. Your actions have caused the plague, which you have spread by using DNA points to create and mutate the illness. By spreading the illness, DNA Points increase.

He can alter and enhance TRANSMISSION (how a disease spreads), SYMPTOMS (dreadful things the plague does, including horrifying methods of killing people), and ABILITIES whenever the DNA points reach a specific threshold (mostly defense mechanisms).

Your plague will grow more complex and deadly as you invest DNA points. It will spread much more quickly and cause a lot more deaths.
Little DNA point balloons pop up as the game progresses and your plague population grows to give you more points to invest in your disease.

As your disease spreads through the initial spawning location, the map will turn red as countries become overburdened—ports close, livestock is slaughtered, pest control programs expand, and population declines. Governments eventually fall apart as chaos ensues. Plague Inc.’s objective is to accomplish this. You have won!

Pokemon Go

13 Best Games on iPhone

Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.0 from 455.7K Ratings

The eleventh list of the best game for the iPhone is Pokemon Go. Pokémon GO has remained one of the most popular mobile games of all time since its release, with over a billion downloads. Niantic and The Pokémon Company collaborated to create a fun and addictive game that combines all of the fun and nostalgia of classic Pokémon games with real-world data.

Pokémon GO is playable from virtually anywhere in the world, and your gameplay will change depending on where you go. The in-game locations are all based on real-world locations such as small shops, museums, and landmarks, inviting you to explore the world around you through a new lens. In the real world, even the time of day and weather can influence what Pokémon you encounter and how well your Pokémon perform.

Aside from the near-universal love of Pikachu and friends, what has driven the success of Pokémon GO is how well Niantic responds to the community. Niantic redesigned much of the gameplay, including Pokémon GO Fest and Pokémon GO Community Day, at the start of a global pandemic that should have made playing Pokémon GO extremely difficult. Niantic really outdid themselves in this case.

Clash Royale

13 Best Games on iPhone

Developer: Supercell Oy
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.6 from 2.3M Ratings

The twelve list of best games for the iPhone is Clash Royale. “Clash Royale” by Supercell is an excellent strategy game that has earned the number one spot in the App Store in this category. The gameplay revolves around constructing a strong battle deck and decimating your opponents in real-time battles. Create a killer strategy and then strategically place your cards to defeat the enemy king and princesses from their towers.

More than 100 cards featuring Clash of Clans troops, unique heroes, spells, and defenses can be collected and upgraded. Furthermore, it allows you to compete in global tournaments against players from all over the world. Combine that with the seasonal events that allow you to unlock valuable items such as tower skins, emotes, and a plethora of magical items and Clash Royale appears to have checked all the boxes to be your preferred tower defense game for real-time PvP battles.

Call of Duty Mobile

13 Best Games on iPhone

Developer: Activision Publishing, Inc.
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.7 from 1.6M Ratings

The last best game for the iPhone on our list is Call of Duty Mobile. This is the best battle royale game you can play right now. The Call of Duty franchise has primarily produced some outstanding games. They’ve dethroned some of the best battle royale games with their first foray into mobile gaming. Call of Duty Mobile is unquestionably one of the best iPhone games available today. It has stunning visuals, excellent gunplay, and a wide range of content.

The game is free to play, but there are optional in-game purchases. You do not need to make any purchases to enjoy and progress through the base game. Certain skins and weapons, however, can only be purchased with real-world money. If you want to play a shooter game with your friends online, download this game right now!

While there are many games available in the App Store, we believe that our top picks will provide you with something unique. These are some of the best iOS games available today. There’s variety, with some games that will stump you while others are all about action. Hopefully, these iPhone games will allow you to spend some quality time with them.

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