13 Best Free Music Apps for Android

Music is the art of blending various sounds to create a unified, continuous sound. Music has a charismatic ability to express feelings, emotions, and ideas.

Music is something that seems to accompany us almost everywhere, from relaxing at home to long drives to late-night parties. Most of us enjoy listening to music when we are happy, calm, or saddened by a sudden heartbreak. Music is more accessible than ever before in this digital age, with many well-known brands launching top-tier music apps for on-demand streaming.

Various mobile applications allow you to listen to music almost for free. Several music players have millions of songs of various genres so that you can listen to your favorite one based on your mood.

There are numerous great apps available for listening to music on your phone. This article will go over the top 13 best free music apps for Android.


13 Best Free Music Apps for Android

Developer: Spotify AB
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.3 from 27.7M Ratings

Among the best music apps across platforms, Spotify is by far the most feature-rich and elegant app.

In spite of this, there are numerous Spotify tips and tricks that can make your experience even better. With a massive music library of more than 50 million songs, it’s always ready to play any song you want to hear. As a music streaming service, Spotify has the best music recommendation feature in my opinion. It pays close attention to your preferences and makes recommendations based on them.

With Spotify Free, you can try out suggestions from other users. Music selections from users with a large following, as indicated in the list of Featured Curators, have helped to make this streaming platform social. You can also create playlists of your favorite songs and share them with friends.

The Spotify podcast app is also one of the best podcast apps available. It has a huge library of podcasts, so if you’re a regular listener, you’ll appreciate it. In addition, Spotify allows you to create radio stations. Finally, it is available in over 90 countries, so most of us can access it.

Premium subscribers get fewer ads and can download music. They also get unlimited skips and the ability to play any song. However, the free mobile app lets you listen to millions of songs and podcasts.

Over 5,071 different music genres are available on this service, including rock, indie, folk, rap, bluegrass, and electronic music.


13 Best Free Music Apps for Android

Developer: SoundCloud
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.5 from 1.68M Ratings

Here comes the biggest music and audio streaming service on the entire planet. SoundCloud, which has over 200 million tracks, will never let your music time run out. Everything from jazz to hip hop to classical, podcasts to audiobooks that you enjoy listening to or tuning into will be displayed on your radar.

If you want to stay up to date on the latest offerings from top artists, the app will keep you in the loop. You can join a large community of music fans and connect with artists you admire.

One intriguing aspect of Soundcloud is the variety of songs from emerging and new artists. This isn’t to say that no other music app does it, but this music streaming service provides some of the best resources to participating creators.

Music genres include rock, R&B, Hip Hop, alternative, heavy metal, pop, electronic, folk, and others. It also offers a selection of motivational, true crime, and story podcasts, as well as talk show podcasts. You can look for anything, including the SoundCloud Go+ paid library, people, albums, and playlists. Taking everything into consideration, it can confidently claim to be the best free music app.

YouTube Music

13 Best Free Music Apps for Android

Developer: Google LLC
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.3 from 4.37M Ratings

YouTube Music is a great music app by Google. It will keep you up to date if you like to keep track of the official releases or singles from your favorite artists. Furthermore, it is known to deliver the most appropriate recommendations based on a variety of factors such as your taste, location, and even mood.

The ability to view official videos, live concerts, and more directly from the app is one benefit of YouTube Music. As a result, you have access to several song versions, which is something that is not entirely available on other free music streaming services.

You can choose from a wide range of genres, including rock, classical, pop, and praise and worship, in both the paid and unpaid versions. Videos are included, and you may also locate a variety of karaoke to practice with. Create playlists that are unique to you based on decades, characters, or artists. The YouTube Free version of the site also generates several “Mixes” automatically.

JOOX Music

13 Best Free Music Apps for Android
Developer: Tencent Mobility Limited
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.5 from 6.36M Ratings

JOOX is another application that can invite us to explore music easily and exclusively. This app was released in early 2015 in Hong Kong and Malaysia and quickly became the most downloaded app in all categories.

This online music streaming application may be familiar to music lovers and Android users. This is due to the popularity of the JOOX Music application, which has been downloaded by over 5 million people.

JOOX Music provides a feature that allows users to listen to songs online without having to download them. This application also includes a feature that allows users to receive recommendations for the most popular and best songs.

You no longer need to be concerned about how much data plan you will consume when using JOOX. The settings for determining how much internet data will be used to listen to each song, as well as the quality of the song you want to download, can be found in general settings. JOOX also performs as a music player for your Android. In addition to storing music on the SD Card, you can import songs from storage to play on JOOX.

Pi Music Player

13 Best Free Music Apps for Android

Developer: Musicophilia Music Apps
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.6 from 1.19M Ratings

Pi Music App is a visually appealing music player for Android. The music player is designed with beautiful features. A ringtone cutter, equalizer, and folder view are among its features. Furthermore, “Pi” includes Pi power share, which allows you to share musical files.

The animations in Pi Music Player are the highlight of the interface. Swiping between tabs, opening the Now Playing screen, and the splash screen are all notable examples of this. Other features of this player include a sleep timer, the ability to create playlists with local songs and YouTube videos, and much more.


13 Best Free Music Apps for Android

Developer: Artem Izmaylov
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.6 from 451K Ratings

AIMP is the next on our recommendation list worth trying. Although Android devices include a decent built-in music player app, many users believe it has limited features. If you want to replace your primary music player app with a third-party one, give AIMP a shot (Artem Izmaylov Music Player).

AIMP is a highly-rated music and audio app that allows you to play almost any popular audio file format on your Android smartphone or tablet. This app not only supports multi-format playback, but it also includes a slew of useful features to enhance your on-device music experience.

The AIMP app’s user interface is extremely well-designed. The user interface makes the application appear intuitive and appealing. The main screen, or dashboard, of this app, while not visually appealing, is clean, simple, and provides all necessary options. You can play music, remove files from the device, set the audio file as a ringtone, or send the file to any of your collections with a single tap on the main screen.

The AIMP app includes standard audio playback features found in other similar apps, such as an 8-band equalizer, a separate window or tab for viewing playlists, repeat, shuffle, and so on.

You can add music playback controls to the lock screen using AIMP. When your app is active or playing something, a small control box and album art will appear on your Android lock screen. You can also customize the app’s interface by changing the skin from dark to light, changing the language, or changing the app’s orientation.

The scheduler is an impressive feature found in the AIMP app’s control tray. You can configure the app’s sleep timer and alarm clock from this screen. The sleep timer option allows you to pause playback at a preset time, at the end of a track, or when the playlist is finished. You can use the alarm clock to set a time to resume playback, play a file, playlist, fade in, and volume.


13 Best Free Music Apps for Android

Developer: Deezer Music
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.2 from 3.04M Ratings

Deezer is a better option if you have a high standard of audio quality or consider yourself an audiophile. When it comes to numbers, it’s second to none, with over 55 million songs.

Deezer creates smart lists based on the time of day, entertainment setting, or mood. You could also create collections of your favorite artists and genres, such as pop, rock, ethnic, R&B, country, or Latin. Collections available include parties, charts, new releases, workout or relaxation, and summer music.

It has a handy shuffle mode that makes finding new tracks a breeze. And, whenever you come across a song that appeals to your ears, you can save it to your ever-growing collection for easy access. In addition, you’ll find true crime, sports, history, and kids’ podcasts. They also have comedy, news, talk, language, and travel or finance podcasts, among others.


13 Best Free Music Apps for Android

Developer: iHeartMedia, Inc.
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.9 from 2.3M Ratings

iHeartRadio has been combining live radio, curated artist channels, and podcasts since 2008 to create a music site and app with something for everyone. iHeartRadio is a solid listening option in a crowded field, despite lacking a few features offered by competitors, such as Hi-Res Audio and the ability to rewind live radio.

iHeartRadio provides free live radio streams. Its homepage features a grid with a selection of top stations highlighted, but you can click View More to listen to radio from across the country, with your local stations listed first. You can narrow down your listening options by genres, such as Comedy, Jazz, News & Talk, College Radio, Classic Rock, and others.

The user interface is straightforward and simple, with a panel-based grid similar to that of many other streaming music services. iHeartRadio has just launched a new Dark Mode for Android. You can view the lyrics to a song or the artist’s bio page while it is playing. You must first create an account or sign in with your Facebook or Google credentials to like or ban tracks or view your Listen History.

As the name implies, iHeartRadio is heavily focused on radio. A free account provides unlimited radio listening with advertisements, but that’s about it. You cannot listen to specific songs, and you are limited to six skips per hour. If you want more than just free live radio, iHeartRadio has two premium plans: iHeartRadio Plus and iHeartRadio All Access.

Jango Radio

13 Best Free Music Apps for Android

Developer: Jango.com
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.6 from 116K Ratings

Jango is a fantastic app that provides lyrics, artist information, and even the ability to watch music videos when they are available. Because Jango is a free service, it contains advertisements. And, unlike some of its competitors, there is no way to get out of them. However, Jango approaches ads differently than Pandora or Slacker Radio: instead of serving them after a certain number of songs, Jango offers one video and/or audio ad per day. The ads aren’t particularly bothersome, but I wish there was a way to remove them by purchasing a premium subscription.

Jango’s Sound quality is subjective, but I liked what I heard on Jango. Music streams quickly, and Jango provides unlimited skips, which frequent streaming listeners frequently cite as one of the most annoying aspects of streaming radio. While Jango’s music catalog is fairly extensive, it is slightly smaller than that of more well-known services.


13 Best Free Music Apps for Android

Developer: Rhythm Software
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.6 from 200K Ratings

The next best free music app for Android on our list is Pulsar. If you value versatility, “Pulsar Music Player” should be on your shortlist. The modern interface, combined with a plethora of features, elevates it to the status of a full-fledged music player. Simple play speed adjustments, convenient tag editing, an equalizer, a music visualizer, and a crossfade can all improve your music listening experience.

Additionally, it supports Google Voice commands and Android Auto. If you enjoy customizing things, you’ll enjoy the various colorful themes that can add a lot of fun elements to the game. Save them for times when you want to spruce up the entire UI.

Pandora Music

13 Best Free Music Apps for Android

Developer: Pandora
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 3.0 from 3.38M Ratings

Have ever heard of Pandora Music? Pandora had over 63.5 million users in 2019. It was founded in the year 2000 and was one of the first streaming services. You can use it to create personalized stations that sound like the artists you like to listen to.

Songs and podcasts can be downloaded for free. However, if you want to listen offline, you must pay. If you enable ad viewing, you can also search and play for what you want in the free Pandora tier. Additional features, such as offline listening or creating and sharing playlists, require a paid subscription to Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium.

Besides, it will also let you download music for offline listening as well as create custom playlists. And the Plus version will offer you access to unlimited personalized stations and podcasts as well as let you tune into higher quality audio. Do note that Pandora is not available outside the USA so keep that in mind before deciding on this app.

TuneIn Radio

13 Best Free Music Apps for Android

Developer: TuneIn Inc
Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Store rating: 4.6 from 2.33M Ratings

This is ideal for those who enjoy listening to the radio. TuneIn Radio gives you access to over 100,000 radio stations. There are numerous options for exploring and listening to your favorite content, ranging from news, sports, music, and talk radio. It broadcasts live commentary for all MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA games. On-demand access to popular top shows and podcasts is available.

The app gives you access to over 600 music stations that are always ready to entice your music time. Furthermore, it tracks your preferences and curates music stations that are better suited to different moods. There is also a large library of over 40,000 audiobooks, which should be more than enough to keep you entertained.

With TuneIn, you can expand the reach of your podcast and become a part of the world’s fastest-growing listening experience. In addition, you’ll gain access to millions of listeners, with thousands more joining every day. You can add your podcast to TuneIn by joining the top titles library. This allows you to be discovered by their enthusiastic listening community.

Radio station apps

13 Best Free Music Apps for Android

Before the Internet comes up, people got their free music from radio stations. Many of them have adapted to this new world we live in and are now available for free online streaming. The apps are never spectacular, but they are usually adequate. You launch the app, press the stream button, and listen to the radio station. It functions similarly to FM radio, except that it requires a data connection to function. You’ll have to look for your favorites on Google Play because there are far too many to list here.

Things have certainly changed since the days when we would all listen to our radios in the morning. You can now listen to the same, if not more, stations on your phone. With these apps, you can listen to your favorite stations and podcasts no matter where you are, without having to fiddle with an antenna.

That brings us to the end of our article on the best free music apps for Android. We’ve compiled a list of the best free music streaming apps and offline music player apps for you in this article. Check them out and let us know which one is your favorite.

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