4 Ways to Get Your Dream Job as a DevOps Engineer

Sooner or later, any cloud engineer starts looking for the job of their dreams. When you already have enough experience and skills, you want to not only come to the office and perform your duties but also enjoy it. For some, the primary selection criterion is salary, for others, a social package, the prestige of the company, and a friendly team. There are plenty of Devops AWS jobs on the market, but you must try hard to choose your own. Here are a few ways for you to do it.

1. Analysis

You need to start not with what employers offer, but with yourself. You need to ask yourself a simple question: “what do I want?”. Believe me, sometimes the answer to it can be quite difficult. If you are attracted by dizzying career growth, look for promising companies. These do not have to be the sharks of their industry, many startups grow into conglomerates and those who stood at the origins are provided with a career in them.

Do you want to travel? Look for a job in another city, or country, consider remote AWS ML cloud engineer jobs. If we are talking about telecommuting, then specify whether regular visits to the office are required and how often. If you want to work in a friendly team, office work will suit you.

Only by knowing exactly what you want, you can find your dream job as a cloud engineer.

2. Learn and invest

Having made a clear list of your wishes for future work, you need to start looking for vacancies that correspond to them. Use filters on job search sites, and contact IT recruitment agencies.

Now the important point: study. Carefully read the requirements of employers and analyze your knowledge and skills for compliance with them. Evaluate soberly, options like “I once did this, but this is something familiar” do not work. You need to clearly understand your duties and be able to fulfill them so as not to feel discomfort from insufficient competence. In this case, even in the best company, work will not look like a dream.

Find weaknesses in your skills. Invest in their pumping. Take an additional course, sign up for a master class, and find a mentor. Only a person who is confident in their knowledge and skills can be interviewed by any company.

3. Keep your finger on the pulse

A true professional doesn’t need to be reminded of the importance of reading blogs and articles to keep up with the latest innovations. But this is not the most important thing. It is extremely important to be an active member of the professional community. Communication with colleagues is always useful, both for personal and professional growth. Employees of other companies will be able to talk about the working conditions and requirements of their employers.

They are always aware of the vacancies that have appeared, so the chance of submitting your resume first is much higher. Employers are always more willing to hire an applicant with recommendations from their employees, especially if the latter is in good standing.

Be part of the cloud engineering community. Active participants are always in sight and have the opportunity to gain a positive reputation. This is very useful and can be a good impetus for career growth. Test beta versions of new tools, and study not only existing technologies but also those whose release is only predicted. So you will become an authoritative professional who will be noticed sooner or later. Don’t be surprised if you get offers for remote DevOps engineer jobs from companies all over the world as a result of this activity. After all, your reputation will be ahead of you and this is a significant plus.

4. Prepare for the interview

Even for an experienced professional in their field, simple questions can be confusing. Why are you the best candidate for this position? What are your strengths? How do you rate your knowledge and skills on a 10-point scale? Answers to these questions can be prepared in advance.

You should not show excessive interest, but neglect is also inappropriate. If you have already come for an interview, then both you and the employer are interested in each other.

You can agree to an internship and a trial period with less pay. After all, this is not only a period for checking you as an employee but also for your expectations. Remember that at the end of the probation period, you have the same right to refuse further cooperation as the employer. Unlucky enough to land your dream cloud engineer job for the first time? Keep persevering and at some point, you’ll definitely get one.

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