Best Free Puzzle Games for Android

Are you tired while sitting in a park or on a bus returning from work or university? If you need a quick challenge to jump-start your brain and you have your android phone in hand. Puzzle games can serve you as your slave. It helps your mind to start working at a higher speed. You’ll get involved in it, and it boosts your mood as well.

You always use your android for scrolling on social media or liking influencers’ selfies, but they won’t help you with your mind. Try to invest your time in some productive activity. And puzzles are the best option for it.

If you’ve now made up your mind to play a puzzle game, there is no need for you to go somewhere else. Why???

Because we have compiled 5 of the best games in the market just below.

These games are free, but you’ve to bear some ads on some websites when you download them. Everything comes with a price. And here we are talking about OUR MIND.

So, let’s start below:

I’m a Puzzle

A large part of their popularity stems from the fact that these puzzles provide a straightforward yet efficient technique to reduce stress and manage anxiety because they aid in mental focus, occasionally even enabling you to get into a meditative state.

Now picture enjoying all these features and advantages of conventional jigsaw puzzles but from the convenience of your computer or smartphone screen. Thanks to Im-a-Puzzle, you may now enjoy playing brand-new, enhanced digital jigsaw puzzles that do away with the monotony of repeatedly using the same old puzzle image. And now you don’t have to worry about keeping your jigsaw puzzle pieces in one place.

Instead, Im-a-Puzzle presents you with a wide range of images that, even if you tried, you almost certainly could not exhaust. With a daily option, you are given a new picture to answer each day; it contains over 15 kinds of picture categories. You can select from any variety you like, including well-liked options like:

●     Animals

●     Kids

●     Landscapes

●     Places

●     Seasons

●     Vehicles

So while playing I’m a puzzle, you’ll always have many choices because there are many options.

Brain it on

And here comes the most addictive puzzle game that requires you to think out of the box if you want to solve each level. This game is a physics-based puzzle game, and it’s just like brainstorming in which you have to use some thinking skills. Each game requires you to draw different shapes to win. It’s not the type of game that relies on a single solution. It’s a great time killer for you, and you have multiple options to solve a game.

You must draw lines, shapes, weighted objects, or anything else you think may help each screen by using your finger or a stylus. As you advance through the more than 200 levels, things get increasingly inventive and challenging. Still, eventually, you’ll need to go back and play through earlier levels to gain three stars to access later ones (stars are earned by finishing the story under time within the limit of shapes number of shapes).

It’s a pretty entertaining game with various answers available for each level, and it’s enjoyable to play with others.

Escape Game

Escape Game: 50 rooms in 1 is a virtual escape room game, in case you hadn’t guessed. You are put in a room and tasked with locating concealed clues to escape for each challenge. The game combines elements of an escape room and a hidden object game.

To play, tap various locations in your room to zoom in for a closer look. Then, look inside multiple items in the area to see whether they contain any hints or tools that will assist you in escaping. Something enters your inventory when you find it. To test whether it has an impact, you can choose it and apply it to objects in space.

Overall, the experience is a fun and beautiful virtual escape room. More free sequels are also available here if you find yourself wanting more.

Cut the rope

Want to play a fun and logical puzzle game? Then sign up for the ZeptoLab franchise Cut the Rope. The second main game series, Cut the Rope 2, has grown in popularity even more than the original. It would help if you solved all the logical riddles for Om Nom and his companions, who are green creatures. Although the puzzles are not particularly difficult, solving them requires intelligence.

Important Characteristics

●     There are more than 168 complex and captivating levels.

●     There are many fresh characters to meet.

●     Achievement based on goals and a leaderboard to compare your development.

●     Preschoolers are frequently advised to develop their thinking skills.

Jigsaw Puzzle Reel

The most conventional and well-known puzzle game for Android and other smart devices that we all tried once as kids are Jigsaw Puzzle. With your smartphone, try Jigsaw Puzzle Real to bring those memories back. But I must first emphasize that the situation is not just about the kid’s game. There are challenging jigsaw puzzles for specialists. To be more exact, you can view the game’s features here.

Important Features

●     To match the problems, more than 2400 images are provided.

●     There is a straightforward 9-piece jigsaw accessible for the kids.

●     Experts can even attempt the 1300-piece, practically impossible-to-match type jigsaw.

●     You can experiment with your images.

●     An excellent soundtrack, endless pleasure, and colorful background.


Finally, I want to reaffirm that tests of individuals are only sometimes consistent. What I find interesting could irritate you. So, before selecting and installing any game from the list, thoroughly read the description and feature list. It is the most effective method for discovering some excellent puzzle games for Android. Our eagerness will always follow your happiness. A 2018 study also found that using your brain to carefully put the puzzle pieces back together provides a wide range of brain-boosting advantages, including higher cognitive function, increased memory capacity, and cognitive thinking. Amazingly, it has been discovered that the simple jigsaw can delay cognitive aging and ward off diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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