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Taking Picture from Video on iPhone and Android Using Google Photos

The view of a certain frame on a video usually looks better than the picture that we intentionally captured by our camera. Because of that some of you get annoyed and wish if you could produce a picture as good as the video did. Well, I have a solution for that. You can actually extract a certain frame on the video into a picture no matter your phone OS is Android or iOS. Sounds surprising to you?

How to Extract a Text From an Image Using Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-taking service included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google. By using Google keep we can take notes directly from its app or we can also take some pictures of some pages in our physical book and then highlight it like it is a real physical book. The good news is we can use Google keep both in Android and iOS.

How to Post Multiple Photos with No Square Size on Instagram Using iPhone

Across the years Instagram has changed its features and its experience to users in uploading or sharing pictures or photos. Recently users are not only able to upload multiple photos but also make the size of the photos are not in the square size. Don’t know yet how to do that with no square size?

How to Make and Answer a Phone Call on Mac or MacBook

It is very common for us to make a call or answer a call from our iPhone. But have you ever make a call or answer a call through your Mac or a MacBook? If you haven’t you should try this. Basically making or answering the phone call through MacBook is just similar to what we usually do through iPhone. The difference is only the device.