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By Karlo Murk

He is a tech geek who loves Apple devices. Ever since he was a young boy, he has been fascinated by technology and all things related to it. As he grew older, he became particularly interested in iPhone and the Apple ecosystem. He loves tinkering with the operating system and customizing it to his liking.
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What is SOCKS Proxy, and How Do Companies Use It?

Communication via the internet sometimes requires anonymity. This is especially true during applications such as what is a proxy web scraping, bypassing geo-restrictions, ad verification, and more. Also known as proxy servers, proxies are designed to provide this anonymity.

Instagram on Desktop or Mobile? Our Verdict

Instagram began as a photo-sharing software in 2010, with the goal of capturing beautiful moments in our otherwise boring lives. Since then, it’s grown into a full social network, messaging app, and ad platform that’s available on both mobile and desktop.

Prevent Hackers From Stealing Your Data With These 3 Easy Steps

Logging in to an online account and finding out that it has been hacked is one of the nightmares that many have experienced. Unfortunately, hacking is becoming more common due to the amount of data we store, the growing number of websites we use, and the sophisticated hacking software that is being developed around the world.