How to Promote Your Business With Instagram

One of the biggest sources of income for social media platforms and internet companies, in general, is advertising. This is because billions of people all over the Earth have their eyes glued to their screens scrolling celebrity feeds on Instagram, doing google searches, or watching videos on YouTube. The sheer amount of time people spend on the internet makes it the best place to advertise your business and products. The only thorn in the bush is competition. Since the internet is relatively easier to access and costs less than traditional ads, lots of people and businesses promote their products and services on Instagram and many other platforms.

This short guide will take you through a few steps and methods that will help you promote your business successfully on Instagram. The average Instagram ad can cost anywhere between $0.50 to $4 per click. You can also pay for ads based on how long they remain on Instagram as a promotional tool. However, you don’t always have to pay to promote yourself. There are simpler ways to do this but the catch is that they take time and effort, two things that are key to running any successful business. Here are a few tips and tricks to promote your business on Instagram.

1. Promote Contests and Giveaways

Are you a beauty and self-care brand? Do a giveaway of your latest product hampers for the millions of potential customers on Instagram! Do you offer services like massages or perhaps electric maintenance? Conduct an easy and small quiz with prizes like discount coupons! People love free things on Instagram. More so if they seem to have won them randomly against hundreds of thousands of participants. It feels like a lottery and nothing feels better than being lucky. This is bound to get the ball rolling for your business. Be sure to boost these posts through Instagram ad tools.

2. Follow Other Successful Businesses

Are you a new fast-food chain? Check out famous brands like KFC, McDonald’s, etc, what do they do to make their business look so good on Instagram? There’s a lot to learn from the internet and sometimes studying your competition is one of the best ways to be able to come up with good marketing strategies for yourself. So go on, get into a harmless banter with someone in a comments section, it’s sure to get you some goodwill on Instagram.

3. Use Humour

Humour is a big part of branding. Take a look at the witty Ryan Reynolds ads, some people claim to willingly look up these ads just to rewatch them because they’re so funny! An ad that’s watched willingly is the best ad there is. And marketing like such would totally give your business the attention it needs. Humour is a great tool to utilize when promoting your business on Instagram. Do you use dark humor? Do you use it clean or is your brand of humor intelligent and full of wit? Choose the right one for your branding and stick to it. You’re sure to grab a lot of attention if you can make people even giggle a little.

4. It’s About The Small Things

No brand starts out with millions of followers, likes, and comments. These factors grow with time as you keep putting in constant effort. Try to increase your reach with marketing tools. Analyze your post-performance through insights and always remember to switch your Instagram account to a professional account. This simple step will give you more creative tools to work with. Growth will come slowly, do not become discouraged if you only have 50 followers or a hundred. Remember, the more you interact with people online, the more people will come back to check out your page, and eventually, your business.

5. What Happens On Instagram, Stays On Instagram

If you have social media handles on multiple platforms, try to divide the content you put out there. Don’t put the same exact picture or thumbnail and video everywhere unless it’s a major marketing campaign. People get bored of watching the same thing everywhere. It is best to have separate content for every social media handle.

6. 10 Hashtags For The Win

The ten hashtag rule basically suggests that you should not use more than 10 hashes in one single post even though Instagram allows up to 30. Using too many will make your post look cluttered and too less could affect your reach negatively. Find the right balance by studying what hashtags seem to work by either seeing your own past insights or comparing competitor posts. Even better is to make one of your own and urge your followers to use that hashtag. This is a great way of creating your own space on Instagram that’s exclusive to you and your followers.


So these were some tips and tricks that can help you promote your business on Instagram. The best businesses are made out of patience and continued effort. This also goes for marketing on Instagram. Just keep at it and eventually, you’ll hit that million followers mark. We wish you the absolute best!

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