Emberify: A Beginners Guide to Creating Reels on Android

Instagram has grown in popularity since the time of its launch. The app currently has over 2 billion monthly active users, drastically increasing its demand in social media marketing. As a result, the platform is no longer being used only for entertainment. It is also widely used by numerous brands and businesses to improve their marketing strategies and get more opportunities.

One of the primary reasons for the growth of Instagram is the introduction of new updates. The app’s features are updated according to the needs and demands of the users. For example, Instagram Reels introduced not long ago, has proved beneficial to users. This is why the majority of Instagram users use the Reels features. Reels tend to get more reach among the audience and increase the profile’s followers. You can also buy instagram video views to boost the performance of your Reels further.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are the newest feature of Instagram that can help you upload content. Reels are mainly video content, and the length of the videos varies from 15 to 30 seconds. The feature allows you to manage your video’s speed and enables you to add music, stickers, and various effects to the video. Instagram Reels has a separate explore page at the bottom of the app, and you can find trending Reels even if you are not following the profile.

What are the Benefits of Instagram Reels?

  • Boost Your Reach and Engagement: The popularity of Instagram Reels is very well known by all users. Most of the activity on Instagram nowadays is always related to Reels. If you look at any popular profile on Instagram, you may find that it is dominated by Reels, which is one of the factors that helped in its growth on the app. You will also find that their Reels have more views than their following. It is no doubt that Instagram Reels can boost the engagement rate of your profile.
  • Instagram Algorithm Supports Reels: When you compare the reach of static posts with Reels, you might have noticed that Reels tend to get more virality. The app gives preference to the type of content the users prefer, and since there has been a lot of demand for short videos, Reels are pushed forward by Instagram. This way, your content can reach the explore page of your target audience and increase your profile’s visibility.
  • Creative Promotion of Your Product: By posting Instagram Reels, you can get fresh ways to showcase your products on the platform. You can give more details of your product and bring it to life with the help of Reels. When audiences know more about your product, you can convert them into customers. Reels can help you get creative in advertising your products to attract audiences.

 Regarding Instagram Reels, there are no restrictions on what type of content you should make for your products. For example, you can show your audiences how they can use your products. You can also give them tips and tutorials in your Reels. Most audiences prefer such content, and it can get you a broader reach. You can also opt for Emberify to get a global audience for your content and a vast market for your products.

  • Show Your True Self: In this era of social media, people want genuine and authentic content. Moreover, Instagram users follow creators who are not afraid to show their true personalities on the app. After the launch of Reels, many more creators and brands have started posting authentic content on their profiles. Using Reels, you can make videos of your day-to-day activities, or you can also make videos that include music to show your emotions.
  • Increase Interaction With the Audience: For any creator or business to have a successful marketing campaign on Instagram, they should interact well with their audience. Only then can you build a good relationship with them. It helps you get loyal followers and increase your visibility on Instagram. You can also try using Emberify to improve your profile engagement and build your presence online.

How to Create Instagram Reels on Andriod?

Getting Started with Instagram Reels

There are many options on Instagram that can help you upload videos to create Reels. The first way is to find the Reels in the tab by clicking the plus button on your profile page. The next method is to open the camera icon on the top of your feed and scroll the option to Reels. Or you can directly click the camera icon on top of Reels to create videos using the same sounds.

Recording Your Videos

Once you have figured out where to create Reels, the next step is to record a video or select any previously recorded videos to use as content. Then you can customize the length of the Reel. You can choose your preferred video length from 15 to 90 seconds. By clicking the icon similar to a play button, you can increase or decrease the speed of your video. If your Reel feels out of place, you can align it by using the align button below the timer.

Customizing the Reels

To make your Reels more attractive to the viewers, you can customize the Reels using the various options that Instagram Provides. You can add sounds that the app already provides or upload new sounds. Filters and stickers can make the Reel catchy to the viewers. Use closed captions on Reels to make your content clearer for your followers. Once satisfied with your content, you can hit the share button to make your Reel available to the users.

Winding Up

Instagram is a user-friendly platform and is very simple to use. The app has proven to help multiple creators and brands. Reels are one of the app’s best features that can help you leverage Instagram for your growth. It is easy to create and does not require much time or money. If you are an android user trying out Reels, this guide can help you get started.

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