How to View Snapchat Photos Without Them Knowing

Using Snapchat is a great way to communicate with friends constantly. However, staying connected can occasionally seem a touch overwhelming. Additionally, we’ve all got that one friend who doesn’t seem to get that just because you saw their Snap doesn’t imply you have time to respond.

People do get offended if you’ve seen their snaps and didn’t reply in return as it’s in general held as an offensive action by the millions of Snapchat users out there. You can always turn off your phone if you’re searching for a way to lessen the pressure of having to answer every Snap that comes in and that’s what most people do. Well, it’s never an appropriate solution.

If you’re searching for a way to somehow evade this human trap, you’ve come to just the right place.

Viewing A Snapchat Photo Without Alerting The Sender

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Generally, it’s impossible to view a snap without notifying the other party but as they say ‘where there is a will, there is a way, there is a workaround aka tweak that you can use to capitalize the loopholes in the app’s system and save some time on the way.

This nifty little trick will come in handy if you want to examine the snaps without alerting your friend to the fact that you’ve done so and replied to them only on a priority basis.

Plus, this method works with devices running on both the iOS and Android operating systems. But to complete the endeavor with success, you must follow each step exactly as laid out.

Here are the ways you can open any snap be it text, video, or photo without notifying the sender:

Step 01

Open Snapchat and wait for the snaps to load up. Remember, you should never open it by clicking the notification. If you do so, all your efforts will be in vain. You must open the Snapchat app from the app drawer or its equivalent on your phone. You must also ensure a stable and good quality internet connection for the snaps to load properly.

Step 02

Turn on the Airplane mode or its equivalent (also known as airplane mode, flight mode, offline mode, or standalone mode; a feature available on all smartphones) on your phone. For iOS devices swipe up from down to get the control panel and tap on the airplane icon, so it turns orange.

For Android devices, swipe down the notification panel and tap on the airplane icon to turn this feature on. You can also search for this feature from settings to enable it.

Step 03

Now, as you have already been disconnected from the internet, you can view the snaps since you’ve already loaded them in the first step. Go back in and view the snap as you want to.

Step 04

Since our smartphones come with a decent cache memory that keeps an account of our activities which collaborates with the apps, to stop your friend from being notified you must clear your cache before you turn off airplane mode.

Clearing the temporary cache from your phone alone isn’t enough this time though. A dedicated measure has to be taken. First, open Snapchat and tap your profile icon in the top left corner of the app, then tap the gear icon in the top right of your profile tab to open Settings.

On the Settings tab, scroll through to the Account Actions options and tap Clear Cache. Tap Continue on the confirmation prompt to make sure. And you’re mostly done.

Step 05

This part is essential to stop the notification from being delivered. Or else when you turn off the airplane mode it will show as seen. Clearing the cache will not affect your app or saved snaps and memories in any way, shape, or form.

Step 06

Now it’s safe to turn off airplane mode to go back to your usual activities if you don’t feel like engaging in a conversation. However, when your friend checks your inbox, it will just show the snaps as delivered to the other party.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still if there is any question remaining in your mind, you can check the following FAQ section, and you’ll get most of the answers to your queries.

Is It Possible To Take Screenshots On Snapchat?

Even though there were ways to take screenshots, currently there is no way to take screenshots without notifying the other person.

Does A Person Receive A Notification When I Search Them On Snapchat?

No, they don’t. They will only be notified if they are added.

Does A Blocked Contact Get Notified?

No, they don’t. They can only find out if they search for your contact from another Snapchat ID.

Is There A Way To See Someone’s Story Without Being Friends With Them?

No, there are none. But you can find public stories in the Discover section

How Can I Get Lots Of Snap Views?

Just be more active on Snapchat and connect with new people. Moreover, if you want, you can even get cheap Snapchat views from a dedicated third party.

Final Word

With the above-mentioned steps, you can easily view the other Snapchat users photos without alerting them of your presence. Nevertheless, to make sure you’re not botching up on your first attempt, you should do a test run.

The best approach to test this strategy is to use two Snapchat accounts, one of which sends a snap to the other.

Follow the steps outlined above for the recipient account, then double-check that the sender account never sees an Opened label by looking and make sure you see the Delivered label instead.

You can do this by just creating a test account alongside your normal account, but getting a friend to test it with you is a better option as it makes the outcome of the test more rugged.

Finally, this is meant to be a tutorial for a handy little tool and nothing more. Tools don’t have eyes or ears or conscience but the user does. And any tool can be a force for good just as it can be a force for evil. Nonetheless, we don’t condone any illicit or harmful activities and actions involving the use of this tool.

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