How to Set Up AT&T Router for Maximum Internet Speed

Seamless internet connectivity is a prime demand in the digitally-influenced era of today. Regardless of personal and professional boundaries, web services have become inseparable elements of our everyday routine. Likewise, ensuring maximum internet speed from your internet utilities assumes great importance.

Have you got a new AT&T router and pondering how to set it up to get the maximum internet speed from the device? Keep reading for detailed know-how of the process.

Setting Up Your AT&T Router for Maximum Speed: How to Proceed

AT&T routers are popular means of internet connectivity for home and office spaces. You can conveniently set them up for enjoying seamless internet services. What’s best is that you won’t need high-end technical expertise or professional help to advance. With AT&T router, you will receive a DIY kit, requiring less than 30 minutes to complete the set up.

Let us have a look at the process of setting up this device for ensuring maximum internet speed, in what follows next:

  1. Use Ethernet Ports for nearby devices

Before starting the setup, you should clearly understand that wired connections ensure the maximum internet speed by freeing up the Wi-Fi bandwidth. It is, therefore, recommended to use Ethernet ports and cables for connecting devices that operate nearby.

  • Set Up a Baseline Speed

You can determine the base speed of the AT&T router for wired as well as wireless connections through speed test. Before proceeding with the process, make sure that all such devices which can cause wireless interference are disabled. The list includes wireless video devices, baby monitors, wireless phones, Bluetooth devices, etc. You can learn more about controlling internet speed by clicking here.

  • Perform Speed Tests

Speed tests give an idea of the average internet speed of the AT&T router. With this information, you can introduce modifications to improve the connectivity speed. Here’s how you can perform a speed test for your AT&T router:

Wired Speed Test

  • Connect your router gateway to a PC using a cable.
  • Close the running applications on the device.
  • Make sure that all Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as computers, laptops, smartphones, game boxes, DVRs, tablets, etc., are shut down.
  • Use the PC connected to your router gateway for running the AT&T Internet Speed Test.
  • Check the upload and download speeds for optimum values.

Wi-Fi Speed Test

Once the router power ups, you need to connect it with the device to the Wi-Fi network. You will need to learn how to log into an AT&T router so that you make the necessary settings configurations. If you are not too tech-savvy, you can use the owner’s manual for more info on this. You can also manage the number of devices connected to your network by using AT&T Smart Home Manager app.

Devices with older standards are incompatible with the maximum wireless speeds guaranteed by the high-tech AT&T router gateway. Many devices come with a single antenna, which brings down their throughput to half. Check your network device’s service manual, or visit the latter’s official website to ensure its standard speed compatibility.

When performing the Wi-Fi speed test, make sure that the line of sight is clear, and that the router gateway is around 10 feet away from the system. Take the following steps when everything is ready:

  • Connect Wi-Fi network to your PC
  • Shut down the applications running on the system.
  • Ensure that all internet-enabled utilities like smartphones, tablets, game boxes, PCs, DVRs, etc., are disabled.
  • Check the upload and download speeds of the network by running the AT&T Internet Speed Test from the connected PC.

Performance statistics may be different for different situations. To eliminate device-based problems, it is recommended to perform the speed test with several devices. Remember to test the devices, one at a time.

  • Choose a Suitable Location

Internet speed may be impacted by your interior and location settings. If there are objects that block the signal of your Wi-Fi, you might have to deal with annoying issues such as internet cutting out every other hour. Follow these instructions to place your AT&T router for maximum speed and prevent any unwanted issues: 

  • Place the router away from cabinets, metal racks, and large metal objects.
  • Keep the power supply at a minimum distance of 6 feet from the router.
  • Place the router away from microwaves and cordless phone bases.
  • The device should stand vertically, and nothing should rest against or on it.
  • Don’t place the router in a closed space, like closets and cabinets.

High-speed internet connectivity is a necessity in the modern-day digital scenario. Taking care of a few aspects, you can ensure the maximum internet speed from your AT&T router.

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