How to Fix Macbook Screen That Turns Black and White

Seeing our Macbook screen in a black-and-white mode without knowing the cause makes us anxious. Those who never experience it before will feel if it is annoying or uncomfortable. To turn it back to colorful, we need to fix it. Read the whole article to know the ways in fixing that.

By default, the Macbook screen can show a lot of colors that are richer than Windows. Since there is a problem, the screen can turn to black-and-white. Those who are working as a designer or in any other role that requires them to see colors on their screen will find it as a major issue that blocks their task to be done. Then, others who experience the same thing will not feel comfortable seeing their screen.

Resolving Macbook Screen Issue: Black and White Screen Error

Here are the steps on How to Fix Macbook Screen That Turns Black and White that you can read and follow.

1. Disable the grayscale setting on your Mac. Open System Preferences > Accessibility > Display and uncheck Use grayscale.

2. Change the Color Profile on your Mac. Click Apple > System Preferences > Displays > Color Profile and choose a different color setting.

How to Fix Macbook Screen That Turns Black and White

3. Disable the color filters. Select Apple > System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > Color Filters. Then, make sure Color Filters are disabled.

4. Check the system update. Please check the macOS update manually. Updates can often add support for new hardware and file types and perform a basic system scan for errors that are appeared.

How to Fix Macbook Screen That Turns Black and White

5. Uninstall an app you installed recently. If this issue began after you installed an app, please uninstall the app, and then restart your computer.

6. Factory reset your Macbook. A factory reset can also often fix various seemingly unsolvable problems on Macs. Please back up everything first to the cloud or an external drive before you are resetting your Macbook.

Good luck and have a nice day!

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