How to Create a Collection of Saved Posts on Instagram

Found posts you like that you want to revisit later on Instagram? The collection feature is pretty useful for this purpose. Not only you can bookmark your favorite content this way but you can also organize them into folders. 

Curious to see how to use the feature? See the complete steps in the next section.


Find the Instagram post > Tap bookmark icon > Save to collection/Name of the folder

Instagram Tip: Creating a Collection from Saved Posts

1. Log in to Instagram, go to the post you want to save, and tap or click the bookmark icon.

How to Create a Collection of Saved Posts on Instagram

2. If there’s no folder yet, tap on Save to collection to create a new one. Enter a name for the folder.

3. Want to change the folder location? Do a long press on the bookmark of the post you saved in a collection, and choose or tap on the sign to create a new one.

Not too difficult, right? Let us know in the comment section down below if you have any questions or want to share your thoughts!

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