10 Best PDF Reader Apps for iPhone

In this digital era, we have become so familiar with PDF files as we often have them on so many occasions. When we have the urge to share a document, we don’t need to print it and send the hard copy to someone. We can simply email it to them.

Since smartphones are getting smarter, anytime we need to access our PDF file, we can open and access it from our iPhone. We don’t have to open it from a laptop or computer. Because of that, to be able to open PDFs we must have a PDF reader app installed on our device. If you’re still unsure about which app to install, check out the list of recommended apps below.

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF
Adobe Acrobat Reader Edit PDF

Adobe not only creates design tools, but it also has Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF, which allows us to open and read PDF files on our iPhones.

Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF is developed by Adobe Inc. and was released in June 2021. As of November 2022, the app had been downloaded by more than 190,000 users and received a 4.6 rating.

The app supports many languages, such as English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish.

Basically, we can use the app for free. However, we can subscribe to the premium package for unlimited access to the available features. The subscription can be monthly or yearly. The price ranges from $4.99 to $69.99 before tax.

2. PDF Reader – PDFelement
PDF Reader – PDFelement

The next app is PDF Reader – PDFelement. The simple UI and its intuitive flow can be handy to use.

The PDF Reader – PDFelement is developed by Wondershare Technology Group Co., LTD. The app is already downloaded by more than 3.8k users and has been rated 4.4 by them and is still counting.

The great thing about this app is that we can use it for absolutely free. We can say goodbye to the monthly or yearly budget allocation to purchase a subscription.

3. PDF Editor ®
PDF Editor ®

The PDF Editor, one of the apps categorized as a Business app in AppStore can help us to work with PDF files on our iPhone.

Developed by SMM service, s.r.o. and was initially released in January 2021. As of November 2022, this app had over 13k users and a 4.6 rating in the App Store.

The app has a free subscription and a premium subscription. To be able to use and access all features without being limited, we can purchase a subscription. It has two types. Those are monthly and yearly subscriptions. The price to purchase ranges from $11.99 to $49.99 before tax.

4. PDF Hero – PDF Editor & Reader
PDF Hero PDF Editor Reader

PDF Hero, a PDF Editor, and Reader, comes next. This app makes it easier for you to handle your PDF files on your iPhone.

The PDF Hero – PDF Editor & Reader app is developed by Apalon Apps. It was released for the first time to AppStore in June 2021. More than 9 thousand users have been using the app. Counting November 2022, the app has a 4.6 rating in AppStore.

We can still use the basic features of PDF Hero, such as the PDF Editor and Reader, without a subscription. With a subscription, we can do more to our PDF files and access more premium features in the app. There are three types of subscriptions: monthly, every 3 months, and yearly. The price also varies. It starts at $9.99 for monthly, $19.99 every 3 months, and $34.99 for the yearly subscription.

5. PDF Expert: Read, Edit, & Sign
PDF Expert Read Edit Sign

Another great app from Ukraine to open and manage our PDF files on iPhone is PDF Expert: Read, Edit, & Sign.

This Productivity category application, PDF Expert: Read, Edit, & Sign was developed by Readdle Technologies Limited. The app has been downloaded by 154 thousand people around the world and has a 4.7-star rating in the AppStore.

The app supports many languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

Having a subscription is not required to use the app, but if we purchase one we can handle our PDF files better with more unlocked features. The type of subscriptions are two; basic and premium. The lowest price of both basic and premium starts from $9.99 to $79.99.

6. PDF Viewer – Annotation Expert
PDF Viewer Annotation Expert

The PDF Viewer – Annotation Expert can be the next option to use when you are working with PDF files on your iPhone.

This app has been available on the AppStore around December 2020. Developed by PSPDFKit GmbH, PDF Viewer – Annotation Expert is already downloaded by more than 500 thousand people in the world including the download count on AppStore. Currently, the app gains 4.4-star rating on AppStore.

The PDF Viewer – Annotation Expert can be downloaded for free, but we should make a purchase for a subscription if we need to use the pro features. We can purchase to use Pro 3 months for $6.99 or Pro yearly for $9.99.

7. Highlights: PDF Reader & Notes
Highlights PDF Reader Notes

Now, we have another suggestion app for you. It is Highlights: PDF Reader & Notes app. If you decide to use this app, please note that the only language available in this app is English. If you are a non-native speaker and are trying to change the app language to your native language, of course, it will not be possible to do.

Developed by Jonas Myren Ribe, and is released the first version for iOS in April 2020. It also has a 4.6-star ratings on AppStore.

This app can be used for free. If you need of using the pro features, you must purchase a subscription for that. The Highlights: PDF Reader & Notes has three types of subscription. Those who are interested to subscribe the Highlights Pro, and Highlights Pro: Legacy Upgrade must purchase for $24.99. Then, for the Highlights Pro: Monthly you only need to purchase for $2.99.

8. PDF Pro – Reader Editor Forms
PDF Pro Reader Editor Forms

The PDF Pro – Reader Editor Forms is another alternative app to open, read, and edit your PDF files from your iPhone.

It started to be available in the AppStore around late 2019 and is developed by Dominic Rodemer. As we can see in AppStore, it has 4.7-star ratings and it has been downloaded by more than 4.5 thousand users.

In the minimum usage, there will be no problem or limitation for us to use the free version. However, if the premium features are necessary to use, the subscription prices are not as high as we thought. It starts from $1.99 and the highest price is $15.99.

9. Foxit PDF Editor
Foxit PDF Editor

The Foxit PDF Editor is also one of the apps we recommend for those who are working with PDF files on their iPhones.

The Foxit PDF Editor is developed by Foxit Corporation. The app started to be available on AppStore around August 2021. It has been used by more than 3.5 thousand people around the world with 4.4-star ratings on the AppStore.

All iPhone users can download Foxit PDF Editor for free in the AppStore, still, they need to purchase a subscription to be able to access and use the premium features there. Foxit PDF Editor only has one type of subscription plan; Subscribe to PDF Editor Yearly. It costs $10.99 before tax.

10. Polaris Office – PDF & Docs
Polaris Office PDF Docs

The last app is Polaris Office – PDF & Docs. This app is quite popular among Android users which also handy to use on iPhone

The Polaris Office – PDF & Docs is developed by Polaris Office Corp and was started available on AppStore in May 2021. In the AppStore itself, the app is already used by almost 2 thousand people. The rating that the app has is 4.4-star.

There are various types of subscriptions provided by Polaris Office Corp. The price starts from $0.99 which is a monthly subscription, and the highest price is $59.99 for the Pro Service package.

Well, this is the last section of the article. Let your buddies know the 10 Best PDF Reader Apps for iPhone.

If you have any topics or things that you are interested in, let us know on the comment section. Hopefully, we can write about it in the future. Thank you for reading and see you in the next article. Bye 🙂

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