How to Create an iOS Configuration Profile — Configuration Profile will allow you to copy or distribute some of the groups of settings and also access the management features that normally are not available. It is actually designed for organizations, but we can also use this as personal. In other words, we don’t need to have an organization to use this so it can be used by everyone. The first thing that you have to know before creating an iOS Configuration Profile is that we need a Mac. Why? Because we have to use the newest Apple Configurator that is only available on Mac or MacBook.

To know the detail of How to Create an iOS Configuration Profile, please follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the AppStore on your Mac or MacBook.
  2. Search for Apple Configurator 2.
  3. After that download and install it on your Mac or MacBook.
    How to Create an iOS Configuration Profile
  4. After the Apple Configurator 2 is already installed, please launch it.
  5. Click the File menu on the menu bar.
  6. Then choose New Profile.
  7. When the New Profile window appears, you have to rename the profile on the name box there.
  8. After that, fill in the identifier of your device on the Identifier field.

    How to Create an iOS Configuration Profile
    Credit by: How-To-Geek
  9. The rest of the fields are actually can be left unmodified.
  10. Now, click a group of settings to define the setting.
  11. Then click the Configure button to see the settings that are included in the group.
  12. Then, on the Restrictions checklist, tick the checkboxes that you think are important.
  13. After you’re done, click the File menu on the menubar.
  14. Click the Save button to save the profile on your Mac or MacBook. The file extension of the configuration profiles is .mobileconfig file extension, and also it’s hidden by default on Mac OS X.

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