Some of us are insecure to create a music track because we think it is only a professional or an expert who is able to do it. So, we will need a long time of course, and practice is able to produce a good music track. In fact, The thing that we need to do is a proper music-making app.

By using the music-making app, we can produce not only a pure sound of musical instruments, but also we can add our voice to it. However, not all apps will be suitable for everybody. So, we need to make sure of our needs first before deciding to choose an app to be used in the process of music-making. If you’re still unsure about which app to use, you can read the list of recommended apps below.

1. Animoog Z Synthesizer
Animoog Z Synthesizer

The first is the Animoog Z Synthesizer. It is known as an inspiring 16-voice polyphonic synthesizer that gives us new concepts of multidimensional sound design and performance.

The app is developed by Moog Music Inc. and was started available for iPadOS on November 2021. It has a 4.9-star rating in November 2022 on AppStore.

Everybody can download and install Animoog Z Synthesizer on an iPad for free. The features also work well for normal usage but of course, we will experience limitations. Purchasing one premium subscription package allows us to get unlimited access to the related features we focused on. The Evolving Oscillations, Fundamental Elements, Outer Orbits, Monster Moog 1, and Monster Moog 2 can be claimed for $4.99. Then, to Unlock the Full App it costs you $14.99.

2. KORG Module
KORG Module

The KORG Module is a music-making app that focuses on piano & keyboard usage that helps you to create your own music through your iPad.

The app is developed by KORG INC. a multinational corporation whose headquarter is in Tokyo, Japan. It starts to be available for iPadOS around July 2019. Currently, KORG Module has 4.5-star ratings in AppStore.

KORG Module is free to download. We can also use the premium features for free on the 7-day trial period. To continue using the features you can purchase a subscription. The lowest price to purchase is $9.99 and the highest price is $19.99.

3. Reason Compact – Make Music
Reason Compact Make Music

The Reason Compact – Make Music is one of the editor’s choice apps that you consider using in the process of your music-making on your iPad.

It is developed by Reason Studios AB, a software company from Sweden. The Reason Compact – Make Music was started to be available for iPad in August 2018. It has been downloaded by more than 4 thousand users and has 4.5-star ratings on AppStore.

This app has various types of packages to subscribe to. Those are Europa Synth, Ambient Dream, Rytmik Drum Machine, Melodic Keys, Grimey UK bass, Sad Girl Tool Kit, Monotone Bass Synthesizer, Electronic Components Vol.1, Celestial Atmospheres, and Acid Trance. The range of price starts from $0.99 to $9.99.

4. Blocs Wave: Record Music Live
Blocs Wave Record Music Live

Start your new musical ideas by using new sounds from various genres on Blocs Wave: Record Music Live app from your iPad.

This app is developed by Ampify Music, a music tech company based in London. Since Blocs Wave: Record Music Live was available on AppStore, it is already downloaded by more than 1.8 thousand users, and it has a 4.8-star rating.

The Blocs Wave: Record Music Live can be downloaded for free. However, to use some features without any limitations, we need to make a purchase for a package. The price starts from $1.99 to $9.99.

5. Koala Sampler
Koala Sampler

The next app is Koala Sampler. This ultimate pocket-sized sampler can help you create beats and add effects for creating a track.

Developed by Marek Bereza, Koala Sampler was originally designed for iPad. From the first time the app was added to AppStore in April 2021, it has received a 4.7-star rating.

If you decide to use this app, you need to make a purchase for $4.99 before downloading the app.

6. Groovebox – Beat Synth Studio
Groovebox Beat Synth Studio

Another good app to do music-making on your iPad is Groovebox – Beat Synth Studio.

It is developed by Ampify Music and its copyright is under © Focusrite Audio Engineering Limited.

Groovebox – Beat Synth Studio only supports English. So, we will not find any language settings to change it to our native language.

Since its availability on AppStore, the app is already downloaded by almost 4 thousand users and received 4.7-star ratings.

We can download the app for free. When you start to work with this app, you will find that some features such as Drum Booster, Golden Era Bass, Neuro Leads, Composed Melodics, and Deep House Movements can’t be used for free. So, we need to purchase the features we need. The range of cost is $0.99 to $1.99.

7. Auxy Studio
Auxy Studio

Then, we have Auxy Studio app. This is another app that will fulfill your needs in the process of music-making on your iPad.

This #142 in music app is developed by Auxy. The app started to be available for iPadOS around January 2020. Since its first release on AppStore, it has been downloaded by almost 3 thousand users and it receives 4.5-star ratings.

Auxy Studio can be downloaded for free to our iPad from AppStore. Since it has no free trial period, we must purchase a subscription package to be able to use the full feature. We can select monthly or yearly subscriptions based on our needs and budget. The monthly subscription costs $5.99, and the yearly subscription costs $49.99.

8. U Beats: Beat Pad. Music Maker
U Beats Beat Pad Music Maker

If you are not a professional music composer, U Beats: Beat Pad. Music Maker can help you to make music like a real DJ pro.

It is developed by Gototop LTD, and is originally designed for iPad. U Beats started to be available for iPad around October 2020. Since its release, this app is already used by almost 4 thousand people and receives 4.5-star ratings on AppStore.

U Beats can be downloaded and installed for free on our iPad, but we must have an active subscription to use the features without any restriction. We can subscribe weekly, monthly, and also annually. The subscription price varies. It starts from $3.99 to $59.99 before tax.

9. GarageBand

The GarageBand makes it easy for us to make music anywhere we go using our iPad.

The app is developed by Apple and was added to AppStore around September 2014. Being the #20 in the Music category, it is been downloaded by almost 76 thousand users. Currently, it has a 4.1-star rating.

The thing that makes this app worth using is that we can download, install and also use all features for free. We don’t need to think about the weekly, monthly, or even yearly subscription for using the app.

10. Audio Editor – Music editor
Audio Editor Music editor

The last app is Audio Editor – Music editor. It is known as the reverb, equalizer, and song maker app.

Sujuan Chen develops the app and its copyright is under © Sujuan Chen. Released in around September 2020 on AppStore, now it has been used by almost 17.5 thousand users. Currently, Audio Editor – Music editor gets 4.6-star ratings in AppStore.

It is free to download and install on our iPad. However, we need to make a purchase to use the fully functional features. The types of package are three; Audio Editor Pro – 1 month for $2.99, Audio Editor Pro – 1 year for $10.49, and One-time purchase for $29.99.

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