How to Take Care of Macbook Battery to Keep It Healthy and Durable

How to Take Care of Macbook Battery to Keep It Healthy and Durable — Do you know that some things that we usually do can quicken our MacBook battery to run out?

How to Take Care of Macbook Battery to Keep It Healthy and Durable 1

Well, if you don’t. You have to read this entire article to get the whole information about How to Take Care of Macbook Battery to Keep It Healthy and Durable.

How to Take Care of Macbook Battery to Keep It Healthy and Durable
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  1. Using the Stavolt
    One of many factors that cause battery damage is unstable power supply from the terminal. Source of power that is produced by power generator is commonly unstable. Its electric current is up and down which causes MacBook battery is damaged. To prevent this kind of problem, I suggest you to use stavolt. It is an automatic voltage regulator to keep the power voltage stability.
    So, when the voltage of your power source is unstable, you don’t need to worry if your MacBook battery will be damaged as tye voltage is already stabilized by the stavolt.
    Another advantage of using stavolt is that you can minimize the occurrence of damage to electronic components due to an unstable current voltage. This way helps your electronic devices more durable and live longer.
  2. Show the Battery Percentage
    You can find out how much remaining battery you can use by looking at the battery percentage in the menu bar in the upper right corner if you already activate it.
    As explained by Apple on their website that this feature can be used to monitor Mac or MacBook’s battery such as to know the range of time it takes to use without a power supply to the terminal, the battery charging whether the battery is already full or not, if the battery is low, and to know how long it takes to recharge the battery.
  3. Adjust the Brightness of MacBook Screen
    Adjusting the screen brightness of your Mac or MacBook can make the battery last longer or not run out quickly. Especially if you want to linger in front of your Mac or MacBook.
  4. Check the Battery Condition
    Even though your MacBook battery is categorized as a durable battery, you have to check your battery periodically. As we know that MacBook battery cycle can reach for 1000 cycle or around 80% of the total counts. So, by checking the battery cycle counts periodically, we can decide wether your battery is still fine or need to be replaced with the new one.
  5. Disable the Keyboard Backlight
    Backlight keyboard helps us to type comfortably at night or in the room with the low light. But, we sometimes forgot or unaware to disable or turn off the backlight keyboard when we are at the place with sufficient light. If you often experience this, I suggest you to set the backlight of your keyboard automatically. So, it will be adjusted automatically based on the light intensity of where you at. By adjusting or disabling the backlight of your keyboard it means you also try expanding your battery durability.
  6. Update the macOS Software Version to the Latest
    Apple is always release system update for their device products include MacBook to give the best service and experience to their users. But this kind of update is limited to the old devices. Because of that I suggest you to update the OS when there is an update available. The update is usually also improve the performance of your device which can impact to your battery life and its durability.
  7. Turn Off the Bluetooth
    Since MacBook comes with Bluetooth, we don’t need an urge to transfer files with additional cable or such. But in some cases, we always let the Bluetooth on even we are not using it. This kind of behavior can decrease the battery life of your MacBook and again, can impact the durability of the battery.
  8. Quit the Unused Apps
    There’s no reason for us to doubt MacBook’s performance as there is a multi-task feature that is already brought by Apple. As the result we can run a lot off apps att the same time without any significant problem. Nevertheless, it is better to quit all the apps that you are not used to reduce the battery consumption that can cause the increase of the battery cycle count.
  9. Avoid Over-Charging
    If we compare to common laptop battery, Li-ion battery is more durable, and the good news is MacBook uses this kind of battery. But the durability will not that significant if you have a bad habits such as let the MacBook charger plugged in for the whole night when the battery percentage is already reached 100%. So, please stop that bad habit to keep your battery healthy.
  10. Keep Away from Sun Exposure
    It is very common about not to put our MacBook under the sun. Why? Sometimes the normal usage of the MacBook itself can cause the heat, and if we use the MacBook under the sun the heat will increase many times. It is of course so dangerous. It can damage not only the battery itself but also the whole MacBook device.

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