The new ‘Shared with You‘ feature is one of many new and useful features in iOS 15. This feature syncs items shared with you via iMessage across all of your Apple devices and brings them to your attention seamlessly. For example, any website links will appear in Safari, images in Photos, and music will appear in the Apple Music app. It’s a useful feature, but it can also be irritating. So, if you want to stop these shared’ items from appearing everywhere, here’s how to disable Shared with You on your iPhone.

What is Shared With You Feature?

If you’re new to iOS 15 and iPadOS and aren’t sure what the Shared with You feature is, keep reading. Apple’s Shared with You is an attempt to integrate the iMessage app with other native apps such as Apple Music, Safari, and others. The Shared with You feature reads any links or media sent by your contacts and stores them in a separate Shared with You section of another supported app.

For example, if a friend sends you a link to an interesting article, Safari will display the same link in the Shared with You section. You can easily access the page by clicking this link. The same holds for tracks shared via Apple Music or any other media. Shared with You is an intriguing new way to reduce confusion and centralize all relevant media from your friends and family.

Why Disable Shared With You Feature on iPhone is Good Choice?

Shared with You is a feature that aims to integrate shared content from Messages into native apps such as Apple Music and Safari that are supported. It stores content shared with you via iMessage in a separate section of the corresponding app, which you will use to access the content.

While useful, Shared with You has some drawbacks. The main disadvantage of this feature is that it does not update itself. Shared content will remain in the Shared with You section even if you’ve already opened a link or listened to a track. This facilitates the accumulation of shared content over time.

How to Disable Shared With You Feature on iPhone

The process for turning off Shared with You is the same for iPhones and iPads. What you must do is as follows:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Messages.
  2. Select Shared With You.
  3. If you want to turn off Automatic Sharing completely, disable it. Toggle the switch off beside the relevant app if you want to disable the feature for that app.
    How to Disable Shared With You Feature on iPhone

Shared With You may make shared content more accessible, but you also contribute to clutter and may cause your device to perform slightly slower. Not to mention how inconvenient it can be. Customize the feature by disabling shared content on specific apps or turning it off completely.