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How to Use Digital Marketing Materials for Your Business

Interactive digital marketing materials are an excellent tool for any business. They help you promote your products and services to different audiences. In this way, you reach many people through different channels.

You can test each of them and see what works best for your business. Most of them will be a great addition to your marketing strategy and would get many good results.

Create materials that will attract the attention of your customers and prospects. Make sure they have a great design and you use colors specific to your brand. You can even add your logo.

Make them easy to understand and provide all the details needed. A very good reason to use digital marketing materials is the fact that you are not limited to the content of the material, but you can add as many resources as possible, and links to pages that could be relevant to your audience. They can combine the information found in the graphic material and bring even more value to it.

Digital magazines

Digital magazines are publications on the web, that can also have a corresponding published magazine.

Some well-known published magazines that are looking to reach a higher audience can use this type of tool.

There are many different templates that you can use to create a digital magazine. You can use software like Flipsnack for flipbook creation to design a PDF digital magazine from scratch or using a template.

Also, the existence of a published magazine is not necessary. Anyone can create a digital magazine. You can start a digital magazine by using a flipbook tool and share it on the internet.

There are also other ways to use them. A website can create a PDF digital magazine to better promote some products and news regarding their business.

Elements of an interactive digital magazine

A digital magazine should be complex so it contains all the information relevant to the users, but should also be simple enough to be easily understood and grab the reader’s attention.

  1. Branding

Use your brand colors, typography, and logo on the pages of your digital magazine. You can create a brand guide even before you start working on the magazine. In this way, if you work collaboratively, you can make sure that you and your team are going to use the same style throughout the pages of the magazine.

  1. Great design

Besides the suitable color palettes and catchy fonts, there are different elements like images and geometrical shapes that you can take into consideration when creating the magazine. Also, pay attention to the way you arrange the information. The pages have enough white space to be easy to read and understand. You can emphasize the images, using large sizes for them, but the text must also be visible.

  1. Interactive elements like videos and buttons

This type of element would make your digital magazine even more attractive. In this case, flipbook software would help you.

You can ask users to do some actions through buttons or simply show them all the information in a video. When they flip the pages, different buttons and videos that blend nicely with the rest of the content will make readers interested in the promoted products or services.

  1. Links to products

Besides the buttons previously mentioned, you can directly add links to your products or other products you want to promote. In this way, you can collaborate with other brands to help each other reach your goals by presenting a relevant product to a wider audience.

Other materials

Besides digital magazines, there are other marketing materials that you can design for your brand and promote your products and services.

Digital flyers

Digital flyers are short documents that announce product releases, events, or discounts. It allows you to share a short message that’s straight to the point. The powerful message together with the great design would have a good impact on people that see it.

Digital newsletters

Digital newsletters are documents that allow companies to send informational content regarding their products and services.  You can share them on your website or by e-mail to keep those who already follow you up to date with the news related to your business.

Digital portfolios

Digital portfolios are tools that usually collect information about your work, documents, your presentations, and artworks, with the purpose to share them with people interested in recruiting you or collaborating with you.

Businesses can also use this type of portfolio to share details about their brand and products with collaborators. These portfolios can include achievements, personalized examples of what the business can do for a customer, and also prices and offers.

Digital catalogs

You can use digital catalogs to present products to your customers. With the shopping list options, they can directly add them to the cart and order from the catalog pages.

All of these are usually created with flipbook or PDF creation software. You can share them on social media, websites, or by email. Some software tools even offer the possibility to get insights from the pages of magazines and other marketing materials.

Make sure to add content suitable for your audience regardless of the type of graphic material you create. Double check the information you add so all the data can be correct and updated because many people will see your documents.

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