Updating some data and also installing apps on a device from another device makes our life easier. We can do multitask on a device without running different tasks on many devices. Here, we will talk about the way in updating our iPhone from our Mac or MacBook. If you want to know the way in doing the thing, let’s read the entire article.

What are iPhone and Mac?

The iPhone is one of the two largest smartphone platforms in the world after the Android, forming a large part of the market. The first-generation iPhone was described as “revolutionary” and a “game-changer” for the mobile phone industry and subsequent models have also garnered praise. 

The Macintosh (usually called Mac) is a family of personal computers. The first versions of the macOS (retrospectively called “Classic macOS”) were replaced in 2001 by the Mac OS X, a Unix-based OS. After a brief foray into licensing its OS for non-Apple computers from 1995 to 1997, Apple now only allows the Mac OS to be usable on Macs. 

Who develops iPhone and Mac?

Both iPhone and Mac are developed by Apple Inc. The iPhone was announced for the very first time by Steve Jobs in January 9, 2007. Whereas the mac was founded on 1984. The first version of iOS was iPhone OS 1 while the first version of macOS was Mac OS X Server 1.0.

Why do we update iPhone from our Mac?

When our iPhone is too far for us to grab, we can access some data there through our Mac. Not only that, but we can also update some apps and systems on our iPhone too. So, each time we need to do some updates we can easily make commands from Mac.

How to Update iPhone From Your Mac

Here are the steps on How to Update iPhone From Your Mac that you can read and follow.

  1. First, connect your iPhone and Mac using WIFi or a data cable.
  2. Then, open the Finder app on your Mac.
  3. Click the name of your iPhone device on the sidebar.
    How to Update iPhone From Your Mac
    Source: Apple support.
  4. After that, click the General tab.
    How to Update iPhone From Your Mac
  5. Next, click the Check for Update button.
    How to Update iPhone From Your Mac
  6. If there is any update, install the available update by clicking the Update button.

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