10 Best Password Manager Apps on iPhone

Security is one of the most important things for everyone who uses a smartphone. A smartphone is not only a device to communicate with each other these days but also a tool to keep the business running smoothly, especially when there are a lot of activities in logging in using passwords.

When you need extra protection to secure your logging activities, especially your iPhone, you can install a password manager app. This kind of app can help you to save all your passwords, offering an easy way to organize all your passwords from your different accounts.

Here are the 10 best password manager apps on iPhone:

Dashlane – Password Manager

Dashlane 1

Developed by Dashlane, this password manager app can make the internet easier. Dashlane can save all your passwords and store them anywhere when you need them on any device and across the web. This app also allows you to secure passwords with Password Generator and share them safely.

On App Store, Dashlane has been rated 4.8 stars by more than 62.6K users. The account in this app starts with a 30-day free trial of the Premium plan. A yearly premium subscription is $59.99 while the monthly premium subscription is $6.49. There is also a Dashlane Premium Plus for $119.99.

Key Features:

– Face ID or Touch ID authentication

– Built-in VPN for a safe browsing

– 2-factor authentication (2FA) for securing your data and adding a second layer of protection

– Best-in-class encryption methods

– Real-time credit monitoring and alerts

– Breaches and hacks alerts that affect your data

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager 1

It is a password manager app that can store your personal information and passwords securely. LastPass Password Manager is developed by LogMeIn, Inc., designed to remember your passwords for you and keep you safe online.

This app has been rated 4.5 stars by 38.7K users on App Store. There is also an unlimited device type access that is available with LastPass Premium or Families. The subscription for LastPass Premium is $35.99.

Key Features:

– LastPass encrypted vault to store usernames and passwords

– Autofill usernames and passwords in Safari and other mobile browsers

– Automatic device sync

– Log in with your fingerprint

– Encrypted vault for storing credit card and health insurance information

– Unlimited device type access (premium feature)

1Password – Password Manager

1Password 1

This password manager app can generate and keep your passwords safe. Developed by AgileBits Inc, 1Password can remember all your passwords and keep them safe. It is a beautiful and simple app to create strong, unique passwords as well and memorizable pass-phrases for your accounts.

1Password has been rated 4.4 stars on App Store by 24.9K users. You can try this password manager app for free for 30 days and then keep going with its subscription. A monthly subscription is $3.99 while an annual subscription is $35.99. There is also Families Monthly Subscription for $6.99 and Families Annual Subscription for $59.99.

Key Features:

– Filling your usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and addresses into apps and websites

– Easy access from all mobile devices and computers

– Storing items in a lot of categories (passports, logins, notes, etc)

– End-to-end encryption (your data is only decrypted offline)

– Face ID feature to unlock app

– Alerts to change passwords when a site you use has been compromised

– Full support for team and family accounts (sharing passwords, documents, etc)

Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Password Manager 1

Developed by Callpod Inc., Keeper is a password manager app to store and protect your private information and passwords. You can generate & autofill strong passwords, store unlimited passwords, and manage your passwords on all devices with this app.

On App Store, Keeper has been rated 4.9 stars by 158.3K users. This app offers in-app purchases: Keeper Unlimited for  $34.99/year, Keeper Family Plan for  $74.99/year, Secure File Storage for $9.99/year, and BreachWatch for $19.99/year.

Key Features:

– Sync & manage passwords on all devices (web, tablet, mobile, desktop)

– Touch ID or Face ID

– Unlimited password records

– AutoFill feature (KeeperFill)

– BreachWatch® to scan the Dark Web for passwords

– Protecting and locking your confidential files, photos, and videos

– Keeper’s Two-Factor Authentication generator for secure log in to websites and apps

– Easy switching between multiple Keeper accounts

– Family Password Manager Plan for secure family passwords

– Zero-Knowledge security architecture (your data in Keeper’s cloud is fully encrypted)

Password Manager – mSecure

Password Manager mSecure 1

It is the most secure solution to manage your private information and passwords. mSecure is developed by mSeven Software, LLC to help you to protect your most important and private information that can be used from desktop to mobile.

This awesome app has been rated 4.8 stars on App Store by 32.9K users. There is also a one-time purchase that allows you to use this app on all devices on multiple platforms only for $29.99.

Key Features:

– Strong password generator

– 20 built-in templates

– Unlimited number of records

– Filter and group records

– Industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption to encrypt all your data

– Auto-lock and Auto-backup features

– Touch ID and Face ID support

– An optional integrated sync service on multiple platforms (iCloud, Dropbox, Wifi syncing, mSecure Cloud)

Bitwarden Password Manager

Bitwarden Password Manager 1

By using this password manager app, you can store, manage, and share unlimited passwords across unlimited devices. Bitwarden is developed by 8bit Solutions LLC to help you to generate strong, unique, and random passwords.

This app has been rated 4.7 stars on App Store by 2K users. It is a totally free app that delivers open-source password management solutions to everyone anytime and anywhere.

Key Features:

– Advanced end-to-end encryption (salted hashtag, AES-256 bit, and PBKDF2 SHA-256)

– Built-in Password Generator (generate unique, strong, and random passwords)

– Global Translations (40 languages)

– Cross-Platform Applications

RoboForm Password Manager

RoboForm Password Manager 1

Developed by Siber Systems, Inc., RoboForm can remember your passwords and help you to log in to websites automatically. It is an award-winning password manager and form-filler that can be used to access your passwords on all your devices.

RoboForm has been rated 4.7 stars on App Store by 26.7K users. This app also offers in-app purchases: RoboForm Everywhere for $23.99 per year and RoboForm Family for $47.99 per year.

Key Features:

– Support for multi-step logins

– AutoFill in apps and sites

– Keeping passwords sync across all devices and computers (Everywhere feature)

– Easy importing from all password managers and browsers using the Windows or Mac client

– Store and edit credit cards, bank accounts, or other personal information securely

– A data protection using AES 256 encryption

– Two-factor authentication

SafeInCloud Pro

SafeInCloud Pro 1

Developed by Andrey Shcherbakov, SafeInCloud Pro offers you an easy way to keep your passwords, logins, and private info secure in an encrypted database. Using this app, you can use your own cloud to synchronize your data with another tablet, Mac, PC, or phone.

It is a paid app for $7.99 that has been rated 4.9 stars on App Store by 939 users.

Key Features:

– 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard

–  Cloud Synchronization (WebDAV, NAS, OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive)

– Face ID and Touch ID

– Apple Watch App

– A desktop application for Mac and Windows for free

– Autofill in Apps

– Cross-Platform

Sticky Password Manager & Safe

Sticky Password Manager Safe 1

It is an award-winning password manager and form-filler developed by Lamantine Software a.s. Sticky Password offers a secure way for your logins, passwords, and other sensitive data stored on your iPad or iPhone. All your data in Sticky Password are encrypted using AES-256.

On App Store, Sticky Password has been rated 4.6 stars by 864 users. It also offers Sticky Password Premium for one user for $26.99 per year.

Key Features:

– Sync all your credentials and passwords to all your devices

– Share passwords with others securely

– Secure notes with AES-256 encryption

– Remembers all your passwords

– TouchID, FaceID, or PIN code for unlocking

– Two-factor authentication

– Enabling you to use passwords on all your devices

Enpass Password Manager

Enpass Password Manager 1

This awesome app can be used to organize everything in one place. Enpass is developed by Enpass Technologies Private Limited to help you to manage all your passwords and various types of credentials. It is the best app to log in and browsing securely on the internet.

On App Store, Enpass has been rated 4.4 stars by more than 900K users. It is an awesome app that also offers in-app purchases: Onetime purchase- Premium for $79.99, Premium Subscription- 6 Months for $15.99, and Premium Subscription- 1 Year for $23.99.

Key Features:

– Stores everything securely (logins, credit cards, bank accounts, licenses, attachments)

– AES-256 bit encryption using open-source SQLCIPHER Engine

– Data Synchronization through iCloud, Dropbox, WebDAV, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box

– Face ID or Touch ID authentication

– Password Auto-filling

– Zero-Knowledge security architecture

– Encrypted Backup

The best password manager apps on iPhone mentioned above not only can help you to manage and remember all your passwords but also sync your data to other platforms. You can even create unique and strong passwords to help you secure your accounts more.

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