14 Best Journaling Apps for iPhone in 2021

14 Best Journaling Apps for iPhone in 2021 — What is journaling? Journaling is an activity when all your thoughts and feelings are described in the form of writing to make it clear and easy to understand. By journaling all your thoughts and feelings, you can feel more relieved and improve your mood to be more positive.

It is also an activity that relates to mental health. Many people feel difficult and confuse to understand their own feelings and thoughts, resulting in depression, stress, and excessive anxiety. Journaling can be one of the best ways to improve mental health.

Followed by rapidly developing technologies these days, journaling can be done by using your own smartphone. When you don’t have a paper in your hand, you can use your iPhone to create a journal by installing one of the best journaling apps.

Here are the 14 best journaling apps for iPhone users in 2021:

Jour: Daily Self-Care Journal

You can build a healthier and more mindful lifestyle by using Jour. Developed by Forward Human Inc, this app offers interactive guides tailored to improve gratitude, confidence, and focus or address loneliness, anxiety, and goal-setting.

Key features in Jour include a widget with motivational quotes, a feature to share progress with close friends, guided journals built with therapists, guided breathing for mental and physical health, and also reminders to build a mindful habit.

Jour is a free app that offers in-app purchases (Jour Premium) with an optional, auto-renewing yearly subscription for $59.99. This app also offers a free, 7-day trial of the subscription. You need at least iPhone with iOS 12.1 or later to use this app.

Happyfeed: Gratitude Journal

Developed by HappyFeed Inc, Happyfeed is a perfect place for simple daily reflections. This app can improve your mood and overall happiness, even allow you to create a group to share your memories with family or friends.

Key features of this awesome app include adding location or photos to your daily posts, exploring your past memories to reflect on, custom daily quotes, and prompts, using Happiness Jar to see random memories, PDF/CSV Export for printing, tagging favorite days with an emoji, and much more.

As a free app, Happyfeed offers Happyfeed Plus Subscription with $3.99 USD per month or $39.99 USD per year. This subscription provides ongoing access to features such as find keywords in your memories and also a calendar with a map and photo diary grid. You need iPhone with iOS 12.0 or later to use this app.

Daylio Journal

This app is designed as a mood diary and happiness tracker, enabling you to keep a private journal without having to type a single line. Daylio Journal is developed by Relaxio s.r.o.,  a very versatile app and also a mental health coach to improve your mood and reduce anxiety.

This app has a lot of awesome key features such as a big database of beautiful icons for your personalized activities, funny emojis, statistics about your life, customizable color themes, a dark mode, PDF and CSV documents to export, and share, and much more.

It is a free app that offers in-app purchases with Daylio Premium starts from $2.99 to $23.99. In order to use this app, you need an iPhone with iOS 12.0 or later.

Prompted Journal

This app is an awesome place to understand yourself with thought-provoking journal prompts. Prompted Journal is developed by Plum Studio Inc to invite you to reflect on the big questions in life. This app doesn’t store any of your entries and you don’t need to register or sign in.

Some key features of this app include recurring every three to four months to let you see how your responses grow & evolve over time, providing a PDF of your entries, 100+ curated prompts and 40+ optional prompts, daily reminders, customizable prompts.

There are two options for in-app purchases of Prompted Journal: Prompted Journal Monthly for $0.99 and Prompted Journal Annually for $11.99. This app requires iPhone with iOS 9.0 or later.

Day One Journal: Private Diary

Developed by Bloom Built Inc, Day One Journal offers an elegant interface to make your journaling about your life feels pleasure and fun. This app is simple to use and easy to love, offering a private and secure app to allow you to write all your thoughts.

Some key features of Day One Journal are unlimited text entries for free, privacy-protected with industry-leading end-to-end encryption, powerful rich text formatting with markdown, text message or email straight to your journal, customizable templates, and much more.

This app is free to use with unlimited entries. Some additional features like unlimited audio recordings, videos, and photos are available with a membership of Day One Premium. The price of Premium Monthly is $3.99 while Premium Yearly is $34.99. Use iPhone with iOS 14.0 or later to use this app.


– Journal & AI Diary

It is the first intelligent journal in the world. Developed by Reflectly ApS, Reflectly gives you personalized motivation and prompts for self-care and mindfulness. The intelligent journal system on this app also gives you personalized prompts and reminders.

You can write down how you feel each day, use AI & smart tech to show mood correlations and graphs, use personalized questions to encourage deeper reflection, read or edit previous journal entries, receive overviews with personalized insights and reminders, and much more.

This app also offers Reflectly Premium, allowing you to create unlimited stories, unlock advanced statistics, get a new question and reminder each day, and much more. The price of a monthly subscription for the premium is $9.99 and $59.99 per year. You need to have an iPhone with iOS 10.0 or later to use this awesome app.

Reflection.app: Guided Journal

This app will give you a better way to journal. Using Reflection.app, you can make journaling and regular reflection accessible for all. Developed by Holstee, this app can help you to identify and celebrate what brings you joy, learn from your challenges and setbacks, and let your authentic voice shine.

Your data on this app is secure and private. Your entries are also protected in transit with SSL and encrypted at storage. Additional features of Reflection.app include Inspiring Prompts, Data Portability, Effortless Search, Gentle Notifications, and more.

By upgrading to Premium of this app, you can unlock all features such as adding photos to entries and getting Unlimited Synced Entries Across Platforms. The price of monthly premium is $5.99 and $47.99 per year. Make sure you have an iPhone with iOS 9.0 or later in order to use this app.

Moodnotes – Mood Tracker

It is a super easy mood tracker & journaling app to improve your thinking habits. Moodnotes is developed by ThrivePort, LLC to help you to track your mood over time. This app is also grounded in the scientifically supported content of cognitive behavior therapy and positive psychology for your mental health.

The key features of this app are tracking your mood, scanning your face automatically, keeping your memories with pictures and photos, providing self-awareness articles written by mental health experts, and much more.

This app also offers a chance to join as a premium member so you can unlock some features such as unlimited entries per day and find more full-text articles to understand yourself. A monthly subscription is $9.99 while an annual subscription starts from $24.99. Make sure you have an iPhone with iOS 13.0 or later before using this app.

5 Minute Journal: Self-Care

Developed by Intelligent Change LLC, Five Minute Journal can make you happier in 5 minutes a day with its awesome guided gratitude journaling format. This app also can bring you a more positive outlook on life and the ability to notice wonderful things surroundings.

The awesome key features of this app include an easy way of adding entries with the guided flow, easy journal entry navigation, daily quotes, weekly challenges, reminders, dark mode, backup or export, passcode protection, and much more.

An optional monthly or yearly subscription with free trials or lifetime license is offered by this app. The monthly subscription is $4.99 while the annual subscription is $24.99. iPhone with iOS 12.0 or later supports this app.

Daybook: Journal, Mood Tracker

Developed by Daybook Labs Inc, it is a free passcode-protected personal diary, journal, and notes app to help you to record thoughts and ideas. Daybook also lets you organize your past journals or diaries easily.

Why do you need to use Daybook? This app has Safeguard Memories to allow you to write your feelings, Guided Journal for tracking mood and activities, Journal Insights to gather insights, Secure and Passcode Protected, Diary Calendar view, Fre Content storage with Audio Data Backup, much more.

This free app offers Daybook Premium Monthy for $4.49 and Daybook Premium OneTime for $94.99. By subscribing to the premium, you can have an access to all guided themes and elegant themes. In order to use this app, iPhone with iOS 13.0 or later is needed.

Reflect – guided daily journal

This app is a personal reflective journal to help you to capture your thoughts and feelings every day. Reflect is developed by Ensparkle OOD, guiding you to reflect on your life with structure, topics, and questions.

Reflect also can be used as a tool for self-help and self-improvement. This app offers awesome features such as a library of topics for self-reflection with inspirations, an ever-growing collection of powerful topics and questions, and much more.

There are two auto-renewing subscription options (Reflect Premium): A monthly subscription for $5.99 and an annual subscription for $17.99. You can unlock and use the full set of journaling topics and also get new journaling topics every day by subscribing. This app needs iOS 12.0 or later to be used on iPhone.

Zinnia Journal & Planner

Using Zinnia Journal & Planner, you can have a fun and creative way of journaling. Developed by Pixite Inc, this app can be used to create a diary and also a collage to express yourself. You can also share your creations directly to your social networks.

Some key features of Zinnia are daily reminders; professionally designed templates; a vast library of washi tape, brushes, stickers; edit your contents easily, iCloud sync, and much more. It is the best app for you who love to create a beautiful journal.

This free app offers Zinnia Premium with a free 7-day trial. The paid subscriptions cost is $9.99 USD per month and $39.99 USD per year. You need an iPhone with iOS 13.2 or later in order to use this app.

Grid Diary – Journal, Planner

It is more than just a free journaling app but a personal development system every day for you. Grid Diary is developed by Sumi Interactive to help you to improve your personal health & wellbeing and increase your life productivity.

The key features of Grid Diary are Prompted Journaling, Unique Grid Format, Mandala Layout, Day/week/month/year Dimension, and Compatible with Different Journal Methods. For the advanced features, you need to join the premium membership of this app.

The monthly subscription is $2.99 with a 3-day free trial and the annual subscription is $25.99/year with a 14-day free trial. By subscribing, you can have access to advanced features such as sync and passcode lock. Make sure you have an iPhone with iOS 13.0 or later to use this awesome app.

Momento – Diary / Journal

Developed by d3i Ltd, this app will help you to capture your life easier. Momento is the smart private diary/journal app that can also collect your daily activities, photos, and posts from social networks, apps, and devices.

The key features of Momento are Quick and Easy Capture, Effortlessly Collect, Seach and Explore. Relieve and Rediscover, Safe and Secure, and Share the Moments. Unlimited feed connections of this app are available as part of Momento Premium.

This free app offers Momento Premium and Premium Gold. The price for a Momento Premium auto-renewing subscription is $2.49 per month or $16.49 per year while a Momento Premium Gold auto-renewing subscription is $37.99/year. This app can be used when you have an iPhone with iOS 10.0 or later.

Why do you need to use the best journaling apps above? Besides saving your daily journals of feeling and thought, those apps also offer the best advice from professional therapists to help you to explore more beautiful things in your life. You can also share your journals to your close friends and families easily.

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