How to Manage Startup Apps on Windows 10

If you want to save time whenever you turn on your Windows 10, startup apps and programs are quite often helpful. However, you may have noticed that when multiple apps try to start at the same time, your Windows 10 can take a long time to boot up.Managing your startup programs is an excellent start to speed up your desktop launch speed and get rid of apps you don’t really need. Regardless of the operating system you choose, there are simple ways to accomplish this.We’ll take you step by step through the process, assisting you in identifying and deactivating programs that are clogging your startup speed.
How to manage (enable or disable) startup apps in Windows 10
To use the settings app to enable or disable the startup apps or programs in Windows 10, do the following steps:Step 1. Open the start menu by pressing the Windows key How to Manage Startup Apps on Windows 10 on your keyboard or you can click on the start button.How to Manage Startup Apps on Windows 10Step 2. Type Startup Apps and select on the below red rectangle.How to Manage Startup Apps on Windows 10 1
Step 3. Now, in the Startup Apps section, you will see a list of all apps and programs that are either turned On or turned Off at present.How to Manage Startup Apps on Windows 10 2Special note: These criteria are used to determine impact values, based on Microsoft official documentation as follows:
  • High impact–Apps that use more than 1 second of CPU time or more than 3 MB of disk I/O at startup
  • Medium impact–Apps that use 300 ms – 1000 ms of CPU time or 300 KB – 3 MB of disk I/O
  • Low impact –Apps that use less than 300 ms of CPU time and less than 300 KB of disk I/O
Step 4. Straightaway, to allow the startup, turn the toggle switch to the On position, and to deactivate the selected program from the startup, turn the toggle switch to the Off position. Specifically, you must turn off or on the launch program whether it is important or not to your need.Now is your time to manage your startup apps on Windows 10 by yourself. Good luck!

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