How to Bypass Blocked Sites without VPN on Windows 10 — The Internet is one of the basic needs, especially when hit by a pandemic. A lot of work that is usually done in the office should be dealt with at home. Everything is done over the internet.

The differences between internet service providers sometimes frustrate us, some services block websites, hampering our work.

To access blocked sites on Windows 10, you can use the NextDNS app, no need to use a VPN. Because most of the internet services block only at the DNS level.

1. Go to NextDNS website, and create an account.

2. Download NextDNS app for Windows 10.

3. After successfully installed, copy the ID from the website to the NextDNS app on Windows 10.

4. Now you only need to enable the service, and try to access the blocked sites.

You can configure NextDNS through the website, there are a lot of settings you can change depending on your needs. You can also create some user profiles for your family members, control your kids’ connection, block dangerous content, and you can also block some apps. 😀

FYI, NextDNS allows up to 300,000 queries per month for free. If you want to remove the limitation, just upgrade your account to Pro.

Good luck! Have a nice day.