How To Check Minecraft FPS in 2022

Minecraft, the block-building sandbox phenomenon, may not be the most visually appealing game, but it has a devoted following. Despite its retro-style graphics, the game can be a resource hog, especially when multiple actions are being performed in the same area at the same time or you’re in a multiplayer realm with hundreds of players.

You might think your device can handle it, but FPS drops are all too common. It may be worthwhile to check your FPS from time to time. You can use the numbers as a starting point when adjusting your video or GPU settings to improve your gaming experience.

What is Minecraft?

In the video game Minecraft, players build and destroy different sorts of blocks in three-dimensional environments. There are two primary game modes: Survival and Creative. Players in Survival are required to procure their building materials and food. They can also interact with moving creatures or mobs that resemble blocks. (Some of the deadly ones include zombies and creepers.) Players in Creative receive materials and don’t need to eat to survive. They are also instantly capable of breaking any type of block.

Who is Minecraft Developer?

Mojang Studios created the sandbox video game Minecraft. Markus “Notch” Persson used the Java programming language to construct the game. It was first made public in May 2009 after undergoing numerous early private testing iterations. It was completely released in November 2011 after Notch stepped down and Jens “Jeb” Bergensten took over development. With over 238 million copies sold and almost 140 million monthly active users as of 2021, Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time. It has since been adapted to several other platforms.

In Minecraft, users can locate and extract raw materials, make tools and things, and construct buildings, earthworks, and rudimentary machinery in a blocky randomly generated 3D world with nearly unlimited topography. Players can cooperate with or compete with other players in the same globe depending on the game style they are playing. They can also combat hostile mobs. There are several game modes, including a survival mode (where players must gather resources to construct in the world and keep themselves healthy) and a creative mode (where players have unlimited resources and access to flight). A large range of user-generated content is also available, adding additional game mechanics and opportunities. Examples include mods, servers, skins, texture packs, and custom maps.

Why How To Check Minecraft FPS in 2022?

The game’s default settings may limit your frame rate to 30 or even 60 frames per second. Look in the Video Settings menu for the Max Framerate option. If you want to remove FPS limitations, drag the slider to the right until it is fully extended. If your device is powerful enough, this should increase your FPS counter.

How To Check Minecraft FPS in 2022

Here are the steps of How xxxx for you to read and follow. Follow the provided steps carefully.

How to Check FPS in Minecraft on a Windows 10 PC

If you have the Xbox Game Bar enabled, you can check the FPS in games without using third-party software. Here’s how to go about it.
How To Check Minecraft FPS in 2022

  1. Select Settings from the Start Menu.
  2. Select Gaming.
  3. Switch the Xbox Game Bar to the On position.
  4. Close the Settings window, then click the Start Menu, then the Power icon, and finally, Restart.
  5. Start Minecraft.
  6. Open the Xbox Game Bar.

When the floating Performance panel appears, you can configure it to display only the statistics you require.

The FPS is listed under the Performance tab, fifth after the CPU, GPU, VRAM, and RAM usage figures.

You can also pin the Performance overlay to keep it visible at all times, or unpin it and bring it up whenever you want.

How to Check FPS in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Because Pocket Edition has much smoother graphics than the original PC version, an increasing number of players prefer to play the game on their phones and tablets.

However, if you don’t have a powerful device, the gameplay can be disappointing.

Fortunately, you can tweak the settings to get more performance. Check your FPS counter to see if your changes had the desired effect.

Install the Game Booster app from Google Play to enable FPS in Minecraft PE. It’s an Android game launcher app that allows FPS monitoring in games that don’t have it built in, such as Minecraft PE.
How To Check Minecraft FPS in 2022

Simply sign in to your Google Play account, search for and install the app, and then use it to launch and manage Minecraft PE. You can do this for other games as well, making Game Booster a useful tool, especially on older smartphones. Keep in mind that when playing Minecraft PE on a mobile device, you can only get a maximum of 60 FPS by default.

It’s no fun getting blown up by a creeper on hardcore simply because you dropped some FPS while trying to get to higher ground. Monitoring your FPS is critical in Minecraft, even though many versions of the game lack a built-in monitoring feature.

However, a plethora of third-party apps, GPU software, and built-in Windows performance trackers can assist you in determining how well your rig handles the game. Once you have some real-time figures, you can experiment with your video settings and GPU configuration, as well as a variety of tricks to improve performance.

Hopefully, this guide has answered all of your questions about the Minecraft FPS counter display. Feel free to share your tricks for getting triple-digit FPS in the comments section below if you know of any other tools that help accomplish this task on any Minecraft version.

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